Shen Xiushen jingshi always said zheng Xiaoxu’s words and people

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The author never undertook careful study to Zheng Xiaoxu before, be traitors that still have what study?Never forget, just because I have seen his characters, deeply impressed, similar writing environment, often think of some of his characters style characteristics, especially his Wei Kai.Zheng’s calligraphy before the entrance examination had “tang tang jin” ambition.After middle age gradually shang Bei bei bei, body potential to open, pen, casual details.He believed that using regular script alone could not make the brushstrokes kill paper, but using official script as a regular script could “reverse ink notes”.Zheng’s calligraphy in his later years, with a square and a square, was exactly the “seal script and li yi” of the Qing Dynasty tablet school.Han Jian brushwork in Zheng’s regular script, running script is reflected in each.Zheng also had his own understanding of Official script.Shop milli turn pen, then sane.Clerical script to make the pen “flat on the paper”, “ten thousand.”Write small”, and then impose the shop of the method, easy to “diarrhea”.”Only Zheng Can correct the shortcomings of Zhao Zhiqian’s drifting, Tao Junxuan’s inflexibility and Li Ruiqing’s tremble pen,” said Sha.His works have both the color of pithy, and the fun of loose show, just like his poems, in the midst of the storm, with exciting gas.Zhang Qian evaluation: “early dexterity is a little insufficient, and no brilliance, middle age vigorous and magnificent, far more than the same generation;In his old age, he was as magnificent as the Qin and Han Dynasties.We can see zheng’s influence and achievements in calligraphy.In terms of cultural circle alone, Zheng Xiaoxu’s poems and books are quite successful, and he is one of the few poets and calligraphers in the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China.Do you know what kind of official is the prime Minister and minister of the Army and the director of the Ministry of Culture and Education of the puppet Manchukuo?Is zheng Xiaoxu had done the official, it is the official ruined his talent, has been labeled han Han.In his old age, he was defeated, no matter in the poetry and art circles.Some of his close friends and disciples also left him.In fact, Zheng Xiaoxu this person is not “traitors” two words so simple.Life in that era, there is the environment of that era, but also the embarrassment and helplessness of that era.For one thing, Zheng is a bit domestic.Pu Yi recalled: he told me about my future “empire” : “the territory will surpass the emperor once the scale, Kyoto will have three, one in Beijing, one in Nanjing, one in the Palmer plateau above” Zheng said these words, bald shaking, spit star four splash, eventually to limbs tremble, old tears stream.Zheng’s idea was to save the country by restoring the Qing Dynasty. Perhaps this was one of his original intentions to become the prime minister of manchukuo.In the Puppet Manchukuo, at least there is a puyi.In such an era spring tide, a Puyi can save China?Second, Zheng is not a fan of all Japanese.According to the record, the Japanese Sen Da lai has a poem: “Qianjia poetry has been decadent, and xiantong can not bear the view.So the Central Plains clear conscience no, liaodong vassal old clothes.”Zheng wrote a letter to Sen immediately after reading it, laughing and scolding him.Zheng often advised people with sincerity, but when he faced the Japanese sarcasm and provocation, he could not bear it.Zheng had fantasized about governing China through a guest qing, but he was somewhat contemptuous of the Japanese.Third, Zheng should be regarded as a sentimentalist.Zheng had extensive contacts in the political and business circles, educational and publishing circles, poetry circles, calligraphy and art circles, etc.Zheng is best known for his talent in poetry and calligraphy, including the 13-volume Collection of Haizanglou poems.In the calligraphy art circle with Shen Zengzhi, Kang Youwei, Wu Changshuo and other close contacts.He has cooperated with Wu Changshuo for many times in painting and calligraphy, and no matter the fans and banners, they are mutually brilliant and complement each other.Zheng was a member of the Kaizong School of calligraphy, which had a large group of disciples and followers at that time.Fourth, Zheng Xishu only to calligraphy for the return.It can be seen from his diary that during the eleven years of Guangxu Emperor’s reign, he studied shuo Wen frequently, recorded a page of the book, and systematically studied Stone Drum Wen, SAN Shi Pan, MAO Gong Ding and other famous works.Therefore, I know the way of seal writing and benefit a lot from it.Zheng was not interested in learning and had no need to promote learning. Therefore, he was determined to try and make breakthroughs in calligraphy.There is no denying that Zheng is a talented, powerful and accomplished person in the cultural and art circle.Unfortunately, the traitors hat is their own belt, no one forced him, this belt can not take down.History is history, and history cannot be repeated.Cultivate one’s morality, be careful at the beginning and end. If you go wrong, you can’t go back.