How to do light luxury style decoration?Lots of pictures to tell you

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Light luxury style is a very popular modern decoration style, the effect is beautiful and not out of date.The so-called light luxury is based on simple style, with some delicate soft outfit elements and high-end materials to enhance the texture.So what are the specific characteristics of this decoration style?In general, the decoration of light luxury style has the following characteristics: 1. Simple and modern design of light luxury style does not advocate very complex design, and pursues simple style.Light luxury style decoration is advanced and simple, not grandiose and random, every seemingly simple design contains unique temperament and details.Although the main body is relatively simple, it does not mean rough, but fashion avant-garde, low-key luxury connotation.For instance this sitting room below, abandon complex element on detail design, concise, hale straight line and graceful arc, draw the outline of a pure space, build costly low-key atmosphere to indoor.2. The combination of classical and modern light luxury style decoration is actually more flexible, the general hard decoration is more modern style, furniture and soft decoration is more classical style, neither too cold and boring, nor too tedious.For example, this set of effect pictures of light luxury style generated by “cloud INSTALLED ERP” is very consistent with this characteristic, simple and elegant, and looks very stylish.3. The colors used in light luxury style are more diverse and bold than those used in modern style. Black, white, gray, beige, coffee, red and green are all commonly used colors in light luxury style.In addition, the contrast color collocation method is also a common means of light luxury style, for example, the following is the contrast of red and green, ingenious mixing and matching, fashionable and elegant.If you don’t want to use too many lively colors, you can also use black, gold, cream, camel, gray, etc., to highlight the calm and elegant temperament.Attention, in the design of home decoration, try not to use elements and colors irrelevant to the overall functionality.4. High-grade details of materials determine the quality of life. As a decoration style that attaches great importance to the quality of life, materials are very important in light luxury decoration.Marble, brass, velvet, leather…Through the advanced material, without trace to reveal the pursuit of exquisite, exquisite life.Wood veneer, diatom mud, murals, oil paintings…Etc., is also the decorative elements of light luxury wind.5. Convex linear aesthetics After observing many decoration pictures of light luxury style, we can find that the light luxury style decoration takes linear aesthetics as the main design context. It is light and changeable, innovative and interesting, neat and free from clutter, which can give the space richer hierarchical expression.In a word, light luxury decoration meets people’s multiple demands for living quality and price. If the owner does not know what style to create, the decoration team can recommend light luxury and usually will not be disappointed.