Break gender stereotypes!A girl’s life has no limits

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Gu Ailing of China won her first individual gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics after winning the women’s freestyle platform final.It is worth noting that the women’s big jump freestyle skiing event is one of the two new women’s events at this Winter Olympics, so this is the first women’s big jump freestyle skiing gold medal in the history of the Winter Olympics.This winter, Gu Ailing won the attention and love of many people with her outstanding performance and outstanding achievements, and also let people see a life without limits.And her experiences with ice racing growing up gave her a lot to think about gender equality.© Getty Images | Gu Ailing, the only girl on the ski team who is now called a ‘genius girl,’ a ‘top student’ and a world champion ‘Frog Princess,’ was once an anomaly on the ski team.Gu Was born in San Francisco on September 3, 2003.Her father is American and her mother is Chinese.Gu competed in her first U.S. junior freestyle championship at age 9 in 2012.She was the only girl in her age group in that competition.During that time, she was the only girl on the U.S. North-south League ski team and was often left out in the cold.Back then, she said, no one even wanted to share the chairlift with her.Later, with her own unremitting efforts, she gradually rose from the lower level group to the main team.But it took almost three years for her to be truly recognized and accepted.Later in freestyle skiing, she noticed that the average prize money for the men’s winner was $12,000, while the women’s winner earned just $600.These phenomena made her aware early on of the huge gender inequality in the world of competitive sports.It also made her want to speak up for more women.At the age of 12, she gave a lecture at school on women in sports.In that speech, she described the inequality this way: “In today’s world, men have more opportunities than women to participate in sports-related careers.Many believe this is simply because male muscles are naturally larger and stronger than female muscles, so gender stereotypes develop over time into negative definitions of female athletes, and women are often denied appropriate sports opportunities because of their gender.””Sport plays an invaluable role in teaching equality, respect, diversity and inclusion,” UN Women said in a statement.© Xinhua News Agency/Li Ga | Gu Ailing in competition In this year’s Beijing Winter Olympics, we also saw the “most gender equality” of the Winter Olympics.The quota was revised to ensure more equal participation, with women accounting for 45.4 percent of all athletes, a record high for any Winter Olympics.In terms of events, this Winter Olympics has the most women’s events ever, with two new women’s events and four new mixed team events, including women’s single bobsled and women’s freestyle ski platform, which Gu won.Gu won the gold medal with her last jump of 1620, a jump she had never attempted before.Her success has inspired many women to see that women can push themselves and push their limits.She once said: “Sport offers the best hope of uniting people and nations with very different views, because sport can ignore race, gender, religion and nationality in order to challenge the limits of humanity.””I hope more girls can participate in skiing” Gu Ailing has mentioned a wish many times in interviews: she hopes she can drive more Chinese girls to participate in skiing!She wants to encourage more women to get involved in freestyle skiing.In recent years, she has also made more people feel the charm of snow and ice sports with her wonderful performance in skiing and let them see the infinite possibilities of women in sports.© UN Women she once said in a documentary: “I am not like a boy because sport is for girls.”Yes, every sport can be a women’s sport.As one netizen commented on Gu’s win today, “I think Gu’s appearance shows one thing: how amazing women can be as long as female power is not degraded or questioned.”© Source Network | People gu Ailing related articles under the netizen’s reply focus on female athletes, see their energy.Work together to break down gender stereotypes and promote gender equality in sport.