Yuenlong Yatu: The supply of licensed products for the Winter Olympics, such as ice blocks, has been fully started

2022-05-03 0 By

On February 7, Yuanlong Yatu said on its interactive platform that the hottest licensed products for the Winter Olympics currently on the market include Bingdwen Dwen (Snow Rong-rong) plush toys, figurines, buckles, crystal balls,And bingdun dun blind box, badges (mascot sports modeling series, countdown series, folk series), precious metals (opening ceremony countdown gold and silver bars, etc.) and other seven series are designed, produced and sold by the company.In view of the above winter Olympics licensed goods are popular among consumers recently, the company has organized its employees and factories to start production in full operation, fully coordinated capacity allocation, guaranteed the supply of winter Olympics licensed goods, and tried its best to meet the needs of consumers.Source: Flush Financial Research Center