Having a second baby?The first batch of second-child families who blindly follow their children show their true colors

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Two children has always been a very hot topic, although the three children have been released, but the two children of the family are not much, the three children of the family is less, so we still habitually to discuss the birth of two children.I remember when the two-child policy was just lifted, many old people urged their children to have a second child. Some families did not choose to have a second child despite the pressure, while some families did not resist the parents’ nagging and soon chose to have a second child.As the old people say, if you can have one more child, the children will have a companion for each other. In the future, you will also share the pressure with the children when you are old. While we are still able to take care of children, in a few years, if you want to have a second child, you will not be able to help.That is, under the old man’s chanting and persuasion, quite a number of families also chose to have a second child. At first, everyone thought very well, and raising a second child would not be much tired, but in fact, is it really so?The first batch of “blind with” the second child family, now “bare skin” colleague Lin Lin and her husband married without a year was pregnant, according to the idea of the couple, was going to have a child, home there are mortgage, the child will go to school in the future pressure is very big, both husband and wife have to come out to work.Very not easy first child daughter three years old in kindergarten, Lin Lin also just a firm foothold in the company, home mother-in-law began to urge two children, said regeneration son gather together a “good” word, the child has a companion in the future, finally Lin Lin did not resist her mother-in-law’s soft and inflexible, and to give birth to a son.Just began to think of everything is very good, the child has a mother-in-law to help take care of, but the two children mother-in-law can not come over, Linlin also had to take baby at home.In this way, there are fewer people to make money, and there is another child to spend, the family life is too tight, even the retired father-in-law began to work for people to make money subsidies.The family spend big and have to pay the mortgage, the quality of life plummeted, Linlin did not buy new clothes for a long time, cosmetics only dare to use some cheap goods, and the mother-in-law body is also good or bad, home inside some more busy.This Linlin some regret, should have insisted on their own opinions, should not be rash to the second child, this has a great impact on the whole family for the growth of children.Many old people think that one child is also the same as raising two children. Having more children in a home is more lively, and children can have a companion when they grow up. When they are older, the pressure on two children will be less in the future.All of this makes sense, but there are some issues that families have to deal with, and we have to live in the present while looking to the future.First, have sufficient economic ability to have seen a kindergarten online payment single, children in private school tuition is more than ten thousand a year, for a lot of work in the city’s family, their children to school problems is very realistic, limited places public school, private school tuition isn’t cheap, a child is good,You can’t have two kids without enough money.In addition to the daily expenses, mortgage car loans, children in the future to attend a variety of interest classes, training classes, these living expenses and education investment are not a small number, since we have a child, we have to be responsible for the child’s life, spending money everywhere, economic ability is really important.Second, do you have time to take care of the baby? If there are old people in the family to help with the first child, bao Ma can get away as soon as possible, but if there is a second child in the family, the old people will be too busy to take care of the two children, so bao Ma needs to stay at home to take care of the children.In addition, the growth of the child requires a lot of energy from the parents, and it takes a lot of energy to educate a child well. The mother of the two children really has no free time to do other things, which is also a forced choice for the mother.Third, whether it is fair to treat the growth of two children around many families are the first to give birth to a daughter, want to have a second child to fight for a son, this idea itself is unfair to children.Children grow up the most taboo is “eccentric”, if the treatment of two children can not be fair and just a bowl of water level, then it will not only affect the feelings between children, but also affect the child’s character growth.Therefore, if parents are going to have two children to fight for their son, then it is not recommended to have them, or it will hurt dabao and leave imperfect growth for the child.I think whether to consider having a second child should not only consider financial ability, time and energy, but also ask yourself from the bottom of your heart if you really want to have a child.Some families may have modest economic capacity, but they really like their children, are willing to spend time for their children’s growth, and are willing to work hard to cultivate their children’s future. In this case, it is no problem to have a second child.But if it is the birth of the elderly, they have no idea, or do not give birth, or they will be more tired not to say, but also delay the child.I am light snow mother, a 90 after treasure mother, pay attention to me, share scientific parenting knowledge every day!