Chinese New Year movie “Chaos”, the audience complained that ticket prices are too expensive!Listed companies, star investors already layout

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With the New Year just around the corner, Chinese New Year movies are a hot topic of discussion, and ticket prices are no exception.With the Spring Festival presale season starting, eight upcoming films are attracting audiences’ attention and the presale figures are climbing.According to The Lantern Professional edition, ticket sales for the Spring Festival season on Jan 21 topped 40 million yuan in 24 hours.As of 6 PM on Jan 29, the total box office of new films released during the 2022 Spring Festival has exceeded 390 million yuan.However, many netizens joked: “The tickets are too expensive for this year’s Spring Festival!”One netizen said: “In the 18-line county, the price of a ticket soared to 80 yuan,” while another netizen said: “I tried to buy a ticket of The Four Seas, but found it was 101 yuan.”According to data from Beacon Professional, as of 16:00 on Jan 29, the average pre-sale ticket price for the 2022 Spring Festival season was 58.5 yuan, up 19.4 percent from 48.9 yuan for the same period in 2021.Behind the lively Spring Festival, many listed companies and star investors want to share a piece of the action.With the 2022 Spring Festival just two weeks away, the pre-sale of Chinese New Year movies has begun.Red Star Capital bureau noted that this year’s Spring Festival, a total of eight films, such as “The Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake”, “Wonder · Stupid Children”, “Four Seas”, “The Killer is not Too Cool” and so on, the atmosphere is very lively.As the Spring Festival presale opens, box office data has become a focus of market attention.According to The Lantern Professional edition, ticket sales for the Spring Festival season on Jan 21 topped 40 million yuan in 24 hours.As of 16 PM on Jan 29, the total pre-sale box office of new films for the 2022 Spring Festival season had exceeded 390 million yuan, among which “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” made more than 150 million yuan.While the pre-sale ticket sales are soaring, many netizens have joked on social media about the high price of movie tickets during this year’s Spring Festival. “Why is it getting more and more expensive to watch a movie during the Spring Festival?”One netizen said: “In the 18-line county, the price of a ticket soared to 80 yuan,” while another netizen said: “I tried to buy a ticket of The Four Seas, but found it was 101 yuan.”The Red Star Capital Bureau found that movie tickets, which usually cost 20 to 40 yuan, soared to 50 to 80 yuan during this year’s Spring Festival, with prime screenings in some cities even costing more than 100 yuan.On Feb. 1, the first day of the Chinese New Year, 34 theaters in Beijing had minimum ticket prices of more than 80 yuan, according to Red Star Capital bureau.The minimum ticket price for 102 cinemas is between 60 and 80 yuan;There are only 16 cinemas with the lowest ticket price under 40 yuan.Even in some theaters in popular business areas, the ticket price of Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake is as high as 100 yuan.For example, the lowest ticket price of Perfect World Cinema in Beijing xicheng District is 127 yuan/ticket, and the highest ticket price is 218.9 yuan/ticket;Chaoyang District huanying Cinema (He Sheng Hui store) average price of 121 yuan;Tickets for CGV Cinema in Haidian district (Qinghe Store) range from 98 to 134 yuan.With the exception of ‘Watergate Bridge,’ this year’s Spring Festival tickets are generally more expensive than last year’s.According to Lighthouse Professional, the average pre-sale ticket price for the 2022 Spring Festival season was 58.5 yuan as of 16 PM on Jan 29, up 19.4 percent from 48.9 yuan in the same period in 2021.In 2017, the average ticket price was only 37.8 yuan, which means that the average ticket price of movies during the Spring Festival has risen 52.38 percent over the past five years.According to market analysis, the increase in ticket prices during the Spring Festival is related to film quality, market environment and demand for movies.The film market during the Spring Festival is also one of the reasons for the increase in ticket prices.From 2016 to 2021 (excluding 2020), box office sales during the Spring Festival season increased year by year, from 3.09 billion yuan to 7.84 billion yuan, according to the Lighthouse Research Institute.In 2021, for example, the total box office of Chinese films reached 47.258 billion yuan, and the Spring Festival alone accounted for 16.6% of the entire year.The popularity of this year’s Spring Festival season is still remarkable. Based on the single screen output of 103,800 yuan in 2021, the 82,200 screens at the end of 2021 are expected to produce a total box office of about 8.5 billion yuan in 2022, according to Guoan junan.In fact, with the exception of the Spring Festival, movie ticket prices have been rising for a long time, so it’s not a new topic.According to the “New Pattern, New Vitality: 2021 Annual Report on China’s Film Market” released by Lighthouse Research Institute, the average ticket price of films across the country rose from 33.1 yuan to 40.3 yuan in 2016-2021, with a total increase of 21%, showing a steady increase overall.Last year’s Spring Festival films were criticized for their high ticket prices and by the Chinese Consumers’ Association.On March 1, 2021, China Consumers association released a public opinion analysis report on consumer rights protection during the “Spring Festival”.According to the report, negative information about consumption during the Spring Festival holiday is mainly about movie viewing services, with some netizens poking fun at movie ticket prices.The association pointed out that the skyrocketing movie ticket prices are ostensibly driven by the market, but in-depth analysis also involves the consumer experience in the transaction.It would be like killing the goose that lays the golden egg if cinemas raise ticket prices in pursuit of commercial profits and then ignore the mass nature of film consumption during the holiday season.What are the listed companies and investors behind the 8 films?Lively Spring Festival, many star companies and investors want to share a piece of the action.Industry insiders told red Star Capital Bureau, the Spring Festival is the production companies, distribution companies, cinemas will fight for the cake.From this year’s Spring Festival file production company, has formed the “industry head company leads, creator company follows cast, Internet company participates, cinema line, issue, marketing company is united” production mode.Red Star capital bureau noted that there were seven production companies and 14 co-production companies for the movie.Some of them include Bona Film, Bayi Film Studio, Shanghai Film Group, Ali Pictures (01060.HK), Emperor Pictures, Happy Rui Century (000892.sZ) and other film and television giants.V film “Miracle · Stupid Kid”, with 8 production companies and 18 co-production companies, including Bad Monkey, Alibaba Pictures, Wanda Film Media (, etc.Notably, dream General (Shanghai) Film Co., in which the film’s director, Wen Muye, has a stake, is also on the list.Red Star Capital bureau found that miracle Stupid Children co-produced a company called Jiaxing Luying Equity Investment Partnership (limited partnership).Tianyan APP shows that Jiaxing Luying has 10 natural person shareholders and 1 corporate person.Natural person shareholder in, the name of ma Dong, famous host, zhang Wenjian of ZHANG Wenjian of CEO of concave car rental, cao Xi of partner of capital of redwood, mi did not media partner Mou Di impressily is in column.Eleven production companies including Enlight Media (300251.sZ) and IQiyi Film ( are behind the movie.Tencent Pictures, Xinli Media and China Literature Film (00772.HK) are listed as producers of “The Killer,” while actor Shen Teng is also involved in the production of “The Killer” through Beijing Baolla Culture Media Co LTD, in which he has a 60% stake.Shen is also involved in the production of his film The Four Seas through Haikou Kejia Film & Television Culture Co., LTD., in which he owns 100 percent.Tiktok Culture (Xiamen) Co, a subsidiary of Internet giant Bytedance, is also on the list of co-producers of six Spring Festival films.Red Star news reporter Yu Yaoqiang Yamilli editor Tao Yueyang (download Red Star news, report awards!)