Battle of the Dark Four Kings: RA allows One chase two to defeat LGD and retain the four Kings throne

2022-05-03 0 By

League of Legends S12 season, THE second round of LPL spring competition continue to fight!The super weekend on February 18th consisted of RA visiting Hangzhou to challenge LGD, UP vs WBG and EDG vs FPX.The first game, between RA and LGD, is a battle for the throne of the Dark Four: whoever wins the game will be the first in the dark Four.RA let one chase two, difficult to beat LGD, keep the throne of four days the first game, LGD blue side, disable Jax, Gwen, Reyksey, policewoman, plane, choose Fearness Kenan, Shad0W blind monk, Jay Ruizi, Eric Jinks, Jinjiao Titan;RA red side, no Zeri, crocodile, Horse, green steel shadow, use Cube male gun, Leyan Zhao Xin, Strive Spring, iBoy Month male, Yuyanjia Leona.LGD and RA played an up-and-down game in the first round. Both sides played conservatively in the early and middle stages, and the economy led alternately. At the peak of RA, the economy led nearly 3K.But as the game progressed, LGD turned the tide with a team battle.The turning point happened around 24 minutes, RA was in a big advantage, LGD killed four men, LGD rushed daelong;Then LGD reversed the unfavorable situation, 32 minutes 33 seconds, RA was LGD again killed four people, LGD a wave of RA main castle crystal!In the second round, LGD will stay on the blue side and disable planes, cards, crocodiles, Gwen, and men’s guns instead of Fearness Orne, Shad0W Foyego, Jay Victor, Eric Jinks, Jinjiao Leonna.RA red square, zeri, Ruizi, Sena, Camille and cards are prohibited, and Cube Jace, Leyan Zhao Xin, Strive Spring, iBoy Yue Male and Yuyanjia Titan are selected.RA, who had lost the first game, reloaded her attack at the beginning of the second game.In about 13 minutes, RA gathered the fire of Foyego and took control of the resources in the field.About 16 minutes, RA was changed by LGD for four. This was LGD’s best chance, but unfortunately LGD didn’t seize the chance, instead, it gave away all the advantages later.About 25 minutes, RA Spring sent a wave down the road intentionally, but the other four seized the opportunity to Rush Daelong, and then the LGD group, played a perfect 0 for 4 group;27 minutes 59 seconds, the two sides in the small dragon pit broke out group battle, RA won after the dragon soul, the final wave to take the second game.In the decider, LGD is still on the blue side, disable aircraft, female police, crocodile, Moon man, Kasha, choose Garvey Gwen, Shad0W Centaur, Jay Akali, Eric Jinks, Jinjiao tree;RA red, no Zeri, Ruiz, Blind Monk, Leona, Luo, use Cube Jace, Leyan Zhao Xin, Strive Victor, iBoy Ween, Titan Yuyanjia.The decider game, LGD played too wave, in the middle of the first big advantage, in the late was its all sent out.Looking at the economic return chart after the competition, LGD’s economic lead was as high as 5K in the early and middle stages. According to the normal process, we just need to keep on rolling the snowball and make use of the advantage of equipment.Unfortunately LGD is not EDG, but the disease of EDG!RA finally completed the jedi overturn, complete let one chase two!RA once again defended her crown as the “Dark Four Kings” after defeating LGD!There’s even a chance RA can hope for a playoff run in the next few games.