The MG ONE SUV is priced from 107,800

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#MG ONE-α was officially launched on December 2, a total of 3 versions for users to choose from, starting with luxury high matching, the initial version of 107,800 yuan;Standard edition 117,800 yuan;Advanced version 129,800 yuan.Users who pay a deposit of 3,000 yuan on the MG Live APP before Dec. 31 and take the car before Feb. 28, 2022 can enjoy four listed rights: free basic traffic for life;Replacement subsidy to 6000 yuan;Zero interest for 60 months at maximum;Ensure delivery priority according to order order.Meanwhile, MG ONE-β blind formulation continues and is scheduled for launch in 2022.MG ONE continues MG’s consistent trend expression, and keeps iterating core technology to meet the needs of The Times, so that the NEARLY century-old MG brand can be revitalized and open a new chapter of brand transformation with technology inward and trend outward.MG ONE integrates intelligence and trend. With high quality, high technology and high performance, MG ONE breaks through the new height of fuel vehicle intelligence and redefines the contemporary smart tide technology SUV.MG and Mech master Sun Shiqian have jointly created the first concept spaceship device in China’s automotive industry, which was launched in Wuxi on the launch day and will be displayed offline for ONE month.This is the interpretation of MG ONE’s core strength and intelligent attributes given by SIGMA’s superparent architecture, but also a tribute to China’s space industry.#MG ONE also works with Fashion ICON Hanhuohuo to create co-branded fashion clothing;Yi Lijing’s “soul torture” will be held on December 14.On December 2, MG launched its first “Smart Tech SUV”, the MG ONE.The models listed this time are MG ONE-α, a total of 3 versions for users to choose, and the starting point is luxury high collocation, the initial version 107,800 yuan;Standard edition 117,800 yuan;Advanced version 129,800 yuan.Before December 31, 2021, users can pay a deposit of 3,000 YUAN on MG Live APP and get on the car before February 28, 2022, to enjoy the four listed rights of ONE Fulaicuo gift: ONE is Chuangzhi Connect gift, free basic traffic for life;Second, innovation replacement ceremony, replacement subsidies to high 6000 yuan;Three is to enjoy financial gifts, the highest can enjoy 60 months 0 interest rate;The fourth is the privilege gift, according to the order order to ensure the priority to deliver the car.The tech fashion line MG ONE-β continues to be in blind order and is scheduled to launch in 2022.As a young spokesperson, MG adheres to the brand core of continuous innovation and eternal youth. As a innovator, MG ONE launches a new category — Smart Tech SUV MG ONE, which fully reflects the fashion sense and technology style of the brand and presents the smart leading trend brand proposition, bringing the smart fashion experience to quench the thirst of fuel car consumers.This phenomenon product, which breaks through the new height of fuel car intelligence, integrates intelligence and trend, and has all-round strength, not only continues MG’s consistent trend expression, but also conforms to the needs of The Times and continuously iterates core technology;It has filled the gap in the market of compact smart SUV by means of equal rights in science and technology and equalization of trend, and has revitalized the NEARLY century-old MG brand, opening a new chapter of brand transformation with inward technology and outward trend.MG ONE mentally listing high-quality, high-tech, high performance, innovation to build intellectual tide ONE possible new consumption era, versatility, personalization, customization, and science and technology feeling strong car more and more be favorred by the user, the traditional mechanical “3 big” has become a basic index, while the think tank, driving, and architecture for the development of new “3 big” smart car.MG ONE innovates as a new force. Through the three outstanding mechanical components and the three leading intelligent components, as well as the “three high” attributes of high quality, high-tech and high performance, MG ONE creates a new benchmark for mainstream fuel vehicle intelligence, and carries out the trend leveling and technology equality to the end.MG ONE-α has high quality fashion style, is MG’s consistent design criteria, MG ONE is in the integration of both sides of the expression of the trend, showing the same level of SUV to a high level of product quality.The soft cladding of the whole car, the unique obsidian black chrome plating material of the same level, the exquisite sports seat cutting design, and the detail design of a rear reading lamp all reflect MG ONE’s pursuit of fashion and adherence to quality.In the aspect of intelligent technology that young people attach great importance to, MG ONE implements the equality of science and technology to the end, carrying many leading technologies and applications:Unique map based on high precision higher order within 200000, 150000 unique intelligent auxiliary driving with qualcomm Xiao dragon flagship 8155 chip, only at the voices can be switch type three-dimensional sports exhaust, fuel car first non-inductive mobile phone keys, the first goddess luo smart cockpit system, the industry’s first T + X self-learning ability of dharma AI semantics, and so on.A series of technological configurations only available in high-end cars represent the continuous leadership of MG ONE in technology and the in-depth exploration of MG as a innovator in the field of technology.In terms of performance that MG ONE is good at, MG spared no effort to innovate the three major parts of evolutionary machinery, endowing MG ONE with a virtuous driving experience.MG ONE is equipped with a new power combination — MEGA Tech 1.5T high-power “China Heart” Top ten engine and MEGA Tech CVT325 high-torque CVT transmission, combined with the new SIGMA framework design sports chassis, global five-star safety body structure.It has achieved a 100km acceleration of 8.1 seconds and the leading tide performance of 35m 100km braking.Recently, MG ONE also drove into Sichuan and Tibet, showing solid chassis capability and excellent performance in the rugged mountain road on the snow-covered plateau 4,000 meters above sea level, making driving very fun.Mecha, across the circle cooperation, multivariate deduce intellectual tide ONE there’s a phenomenon of gravity as the MG brand new level, with all-around ability of representative models, MG ONE led many times tide crossover, gather different spheres of super tide “forces”, make hot style joint made in the form of multiple, comprehensive to deduce its wisdom and tide, showing its almighty power.In order to show the SIGMA superparent structure that created MG ONE, MG cooperated with Mech master Sun Shiqian to create the first concept spaceship device in China’s automotive industry, which landed in Wuxi Dream City on December 2nd, the day MG ONE was launched.It will be displayed offline for a month.The installation deconstructs and reshaps MG ONE based on the SIGMA supermatrix architecture.As the super new carrier of SAIC’s “Car-making universe”, SIGMA superparent architecture carries saic’s new models, technologies and capabilities.SIGMA spacecraft mecha, with this as the origin of inspiration, carries MG’s thinking and exploration of intelligent travel in the future.The cooperation between the two parties not only interprets the strong core strength and intelligence attribute given to MG ONE by SIGMA superparent architecture, but also pays tribute to China’s space industry.The strong alliance between MG and Mecha Master will also jointly promote the development of Chinese mecha culture, and let the world see the creative strength of Chinese wisdom!In order to show the one-in-one fashion design and bright and bold color matching of MG ONE, MG and “Trendy Chinese Style” brand Mifan jointly created a limited edition fashion clothing, which added a new note to the car design and local fashion culture with a new attitude. It not only interpreted the pioneering design of MG ONE, but also showed the trend leading power of MG ONE.In order to present the e-sports space of MG ONE, in addition to allowing STATION B to board the train, MG once again cross the circle of different dimensions and create the industry’s first virtual image spokesperson “Mechronics”, which is also deeply co-created with China Comics Top stream IP “ONE Under”, and will launch a customized content on December 10th, which not only shows the technological attributes of MG ONE.Enrich the connotation of MG for young people to create fashionable play new home.In addition, in order to more vividly interpret the technology and fashion attributes of MG ONE, MG also collaborated with fashion ICON Hanhuohuo to create a joint fashion clothing.On December 14, MG ONE will also welcome Yi Lijing’s “soul torture”.At that time, the depth of intelligent AI interaction will be staged to bring wonderful man-machine answer, worth looking forward to.MG ONE is a combination of wisdom and fashion. Its arrival not only fills the gap in the market of compact smart SUV, but also perfectly interprets the wisdom trend that MG brand continues to express.In the future, MG ONE will unlock more trends, technology and other amazing experiences, so stay tuned!The event will run from February 19, 2022 to February 20, 2022