Snow relay from north to south!She inspired more than 2,000 Shanghai children to dream of ice and snow

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In order to fulfill the promise of “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”, the domestic ice and snow sports continue to speed up the pace of “north ice extends south, west expands east”, and the atmosphere of ice and snow sports in Shanghai is becoming increasingly strong.At present, there are 113 snow and ice sports schools and Olympic demonstration schools in Shanghai.Qiu Hui, director of ice and snow program at New World Experimental Primary School affiliated to Shanghai Theatre Academy, has been a primary school PHYSICAL education teacher for 34 years.As a practitioner of the “North Ice south Exhibition west expansion East” plan, she has made the “ice and snow dream” come true for more than 2,000 students through her continuous efforts in the past eight years.Feiyang Ice Center was built in Pudong New Area in 2013.The New World Experimental Primary School affiliated to Shanghai Theatre Academy was nearby, which created conditions for carrying out ice and snow sports on campus. Qiu Hui, who had been a primary school PHYSICAL education teacher for more than 20 years at that time, started her own road of ice and snow sports practice.In The New World Experimental Primary School affiliated to Shanghai Theatre Academy, there are now two ice-snow sports interest expansion classes every week. All first-grade students participate in the short track speed skating popular courses, while figure skating, line skating and ice hockey echelon cover grades two to five, and are taught by professional coaches.Children love ice and snow, but the climate difference between the north and the south meant that children in Shanghai had few opportunities to get close to ice and snow in the past, and some parents had concerns about safety.Qiu Hui, who had never been in contact with snow and ice sports before, studied a whole set of safety management procedures after training and exploring by herself.Every year before the universal education for freshmen, Qiu Hui would hold a special parents’ meeting to introduce the specific implementation of the course and the safety guarantee of ice sports, and patiently guide parents to realize the promotion of sports for physical fitness and brain development.Twice a week for eight years, the children had to go to a professional ice rink two or three kilometers from the school to practice.Every time the children go to the ice rink, Qiu Hui will accompany them. Whether it is the arrangement of vehicles, or the safety inspection of the venue, skates, protective equipment and personnel in place, these preparations are carried out in advance.Thanks to years of efforts and practice, In 2020, Qiu Huihe’s team took 100 third-grade children to experience the skiing course, and selected 10 children who were interested and had potential to expand and improve.Every Friday afternoon this winter, she brought the 10 students to the ski range on the foreshore to practice for the school’s ski team.Just two days before the Spring Festival, Qiu hui and her children kept their appointments on time.Qiu hui watched each child carefully as they trained under the guidance of a professional coach.The girl in pink sweater standing at the front was qiu Hui’s focus on these times. She found that the girl was a little timid in the last two times. Other children were able to let go of the bar in front and enter a higher area, but the girl did not dare to let go.After timely communication with children and parents, Qiu Hui knew that the parents had skiing injuries.The girl told Qiu hui that she liked skiing very much, and although she was afraid, she didn’t want to give up.When qiu hui heard her child’s “never give up”, she knew what she had to do was to encourage her child, give her confidence and help her overcome psychological obstacles.Qiu hui said that every year, first-year students are taught to be timid and afraid. She will let students slowly move on the ice, get familiar with the feeling of sliding, and constantly encourage them to overcome their inner fear and adjust their balance.Every year, the school will organize two shows for parents. The first time for the first grade children to ice, parents will go to see it, and the final teaching show for parents to see it.Parents’ concerns were assuaged when the students lined up in neat rows and smoothly completed the synchronized line skating performance to the sound of melodious music.After entering the second grade, children will enter a phase of improvement.Professional coaches help the school form a school team. The girls play line skating and the boys play ice hockey.Now, the third grade is forming a ski team again.As a physical education teacher, Qiu Hui will not only provide students with professional training, but also conduct extensive courses on ice and snow sports, including events and rules of ice and snow sports, guide students to learn about ice and snow sports culture and carry out relevant exploratory learning.It is also gratifying for Qiu to see children who were afraid of skating step out of their comfort zone and participate in ice sports with an open and happy mind.First prize and second prize of National Campus Ice and Snow Creative Design ContestThird prize four national first batch of ice and snow characteristic scheme of Asian youth figure skating challenge Shanghai queue slide 3 groups mixed age a fourth primary and middle school students in Shanghai sports figure skating on the ice queue slip second Shanghai middle and primary school sports figure skating on the ice ice mass games won best acting national school campus sports competition in 8th Chinese schoolchildren hockey winter camp (generationTable) in Shanghai primary and middle schools in Shanghai ice hockey games, “the most potential ice hockey team” of Shanghai primary and middle school students games the best ice hockey teams in Shanghai theatre academy affiliated experimental primary school in the new world of ice and snow sports a long list of “report card”, also let more people see the children in the ice and snow sports can also play very well.The Beijing Winter Olympics have made ice sports more popular, and Qiu expects more people to take part in them in Shanghai.She also hopes that after the children get enlightenment of ice and snow sports in primary school, they can also have the docking of ice and snow sports education between middle school and university, so that they can keep on learning ice and snow sports!The city of Shanghai is gradually becoming what people yearn for. It is warmer and more considerate to respond to people’s needs, and sometimes more than people’s expectations!All this is rooted in the people, and its strength comes from the people.People’s city, I have a beam of light!Let us get close to those who light up their own shadow to illuminate others is this tens of millions of beams of light together to let the people’s city dazzling!Author: Shanghai Radio reporter Liu Kangxia Editor: Chen Li Responsible editor: Chen Min