Railway and other departments will protect the safe, orderly and warm Spring Festival travel rush

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Xinhua News Agency Beijing, February 5 (by Fan Xi and Wang Youling)The 2022 Spring Festival Travel Rush entered its 20th day on Monday, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year.During the Spring Festival, railway, electric power, civil aviation and other departments worked hard to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and safety management, and rolled out a number of convenient services to ensure a safe, orderly and warm Spring Festival travel rush.A total of 99.2 million trips were made by railways between Jan 17, the first day of the Spring Festival travel rush, and Feb 4, according to data from China National Railway Corporation.China’s railways are expected to handle 6.55 million passenger trips on Feb 5.In order to enhance the value of the “high-speed railway + ice and snow Tour” service, China Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Corporation has opened a special green channel for tourists and companies who buy group tickets for winter tour.The 104 passenger railway stations under the administration of China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Have strictly implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and done a good job of temperature checking, code checking, ventilation and disinfection, waiting for passengers, and prompting passengers.Wuhan, Hankou, Wuchang, xiangyang East and other stations of China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Corporation have launched the organization plan of mass passenger flow transportation, unblocked entry security check and ticket checking channels, and arranged sufficient personnel to guide in the ticket hall, waiting room, platform and other key parts.In terms of power supply, State Grid Jurong Power Supply Company in Jiangsu province uses scientific and technological means to strengthen power supply guarantee. Video surveillance equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles are used to carry out remote real-time monitoring and inspection of key power lines during the Spring Festival transportation to ensure safe and reliable power supply during the Spring Festival transportation.The Qihe County Power Supply Company of State Grid In Shandong province has carried out a dragnet inspection of power supply lines along the Shi-Ji high-speed railway within its jurisdiction, and also conducted special inspection of power supply lines and equipment involved in railway stations and bus stations during holidays to timely find and eliminate hidden dangers of power consumption.In civil aviation, Beijing Daxing International Airport provides “Xinxinxiangyin” care service for the elderly and other special passengers. Special passengers can make an appointment in advance to enjoy the whole process of company and love help.During the Spring Festival, according to the daily departures and number of flights, China Southern Airlines Guizhou Company optimized the ground scheduling, rationally allocated personnel, adhered to the 24-hour duty system, focused on key flights and positions, strictly guarded the bottom line of safety, and ensured the safe travel of passengers during the Spring Festival travel rush.