Outside the Venue of the Winter Olympics

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This article was transferred from;China Economic network Zhangjiakou February 19 – (reporter Ma Changyan) located in Zhangjiakou City Wanquan District of Forest language valley snow and ice sports theme park, just opened the door, into a lot of skiing enthusiasts.The skiers put on their gear and soon fanned out to different runs.”Lean forward, center of gravity forward…Watch your step…”Before the coach had finished, the little ones had skated away jubilantly.”It feels so good!”Chen Haoyang, 13, tied his knees and buttocks with ice mounds, like a dragon from the top of the intermediate ski “swim” down.”I love Bing Dwen Dwen so much,” he told China Economic Net while adjusting his skis. “I want to take Bing Dwen Dwen with me.”The picture shows 13-year-old skier Chen Haoyang skiing in linyu Valley Snow and ice Sports theme park.Although Chen Haoyang is only 13 years old, he already has the “style” of a senior ski lover. He said to the reporter of China Economic Net “on-site teaching” : “Skiing should be like falling leaves, moving back and forth around.If you want to learn well, you have to fall, and you can’t learn without falling…”While enjoying the fun of ice and snow, the little ones challenge themselves and chase their dreams in the world of ice and snow.Li Zitao, 10 years old, followed his uncle to Lin Yu Valley snow and ice Sports theme park. He just learned “back edge push slope” and slid down the slope to pick up the skis and prepare to do it again: “I came to learn skiing because of Gu Ailing, she is very good, I want to be as good as her.”Yu Hang, 11, from Wanquan No. 3 Primary School in Zhangjiakou City, is also a fan of the Winter Olympics. She watches the Games almost every day.”I like Su yiming the most. Su is very handsome when she skis, so I really want to learn how to ski.”Speaking of Su, Yu’s eyes were bent into tiny crescent moons with laughter.Students of Wanquan District No. 3 Primary School practice skiing at zhangjiakou Snow sports Training Center in Zhangjiakou city.Yu Hang and her classmates came to zhangjiakou snow sports training Center to practice skiing.Unlike outdoor ski resorts, they practice skiing on ski machines as a “preparatory course” before skiing in ski resorts.”Preparatory course” after learning, he has been eager to try: “learn here to go to outdoor skiing, real ski resort.Zhangjiakou Ice and snow Sports Training Center is the demonstration base of sports training in zhangjiakou city, providing sports training for primary and middle school students and the public in zhangjiakou city.Bai Jianhai, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhangjiakou High-tech Zone, said 10,000 residents have come to experience the zone since April 2021.Walk on the ice rink and snow rink, indulge in the charm of ice and snow sports, and become a way for people to interact with the athletes competing in the winter Olympics.At the same time, the release of people’s enthusiasm for ice and snow sports stimulates the potential of industrial development and drives the leapfrog development of ice and snow industry.”In linyu Valley snow and ice Sports theme Park, Zhangjiakou snow and ice sports training center, some of the sports equipment used by children comes from our zhangjiakou high-tech Zone snow and ice sports equipment industrial Park enterprises.”Bai Jianhai introduced that zhangjiakou High-tech Zone ice and snow sports equipment Industrial Park has signed a total of 48 ice and snow projects with a planned total investment of 4.529 billion yuan and completed the registration of 43 companies.Zhangjiakou High-tech Zone ice and snow sports equipment Industrial Park has introduced a number of well-known ice and snow equipment manufacturing enterprises settled, tianbing ice and snow equipment Zhangjiakou Co., Ltd. is one of them.”Companies in the park are suppliers of ice and snow related equipment, and we can develop better in the park.”Pierre Paul Saluso, general manager of Tianbing Snow equipment Zhangjiakou Co., LTD., is optimistic about the development prospects in the industrial park.The picture shows Pierre Paul Saruso, general manager of Tianbing Snow equipment Zhangjiakou Co., LTD., introducing the development of the company.In addition to zhangjiakou High-tech Zone ice and snow sports equipment Industrial Park, Zhangjiakou has also built xuanhua ice and snow equipment Industrial Park.The two ice and snow equipment industrial parks promote the development of the ice and snow equipment manufacturing industry to the middle and high-end by combining the weight and weight of equipment, researching and developing the ice and snow sports equipment manufacturing base with the whole industrial chain and the whole life cycle of manufacturing services.Lidakesi Snow and ice Equipment Technology Co., LTD., located in Xuanhua Snow and ice Equipment Industrial Park, has registered the Chinese snowboard independent brand “Lidakesi” to produce snowboards, ski shoes and other skiing products.Jin Huiyuan, chairman of the company, said: “In the past two years, the product sales exploded. In 2021, the sales of more than 20,000 sets of veneer, still in short supply, production orders have been lined up to 2023.”Many people in Zhangjiakou have witnessed the changes in the snow and ice industry since Beijing won the bid for the Winter Olympics.Zhang Litao, assistant to the president of Fulong Holdings and General manager of Fulong Cultural Travel Company, has been engaged in the snow and ice industry for more than 30 years. He sees more and more people participating in the snow and ice industry, and sees “unimaginable changes” in transportation, service, equipment and other industries.Looking at the chongli Fulong ski resort in winter, snow falling mountains, especially enchanting, Zhang Litao believes that the “post-Winter Olympics era” ice and snow industry will achieve better development.In recent years, Zhangjiakou grasped the opportunity of the Winter Olympics, vigorously promoted the ice and snow industry, and extended the ice and snow industry chain.By the end of November 2021, it has signed 97 snow and ice industry projects, 79 landed projects, with a total investment of 37.328 billion yuan, 41 projects put into operation, and a total output value of 969 million yuan.”Zhangjiakou has attracted 5 million people to participate in snow and ice sports, and the number is expected to reach 5.5 million by 2025.We adhere to the principle that ice and snow are also mountains of gold and silver, and promote the development of the ice and snow industry in the whole chain.It is expected that by 2025, the city will introduce more than 80 snow and ice equipment manufacturing enterprises.””Said Zhao Wenfeng, mayor of Zhangjiakou city in Hebei Province.The winter Olympics ignited people’s enthusiasm for participating in snow and ice sports, and also lit up the snow and ice industry in Zhangjiakou.Whether people walk on ice and snow, indulge in ice and snow, or the whole chain development of ice and snow industry, it is the “hyperspatial interaction” with the winter Olympic athletes striving to pursue their dreams.From the whole country, more and more people go to the ice rink and fall in love with ice and snow sports.The ice and snow sports boom in Zhangjiakou, the city of the Winter Olympics, is a vivid portrayal of “300 million people participating in ice and snow sports”.In the future, with the arrival of the “post-Winter Olympics era”, the snow and ice sports, which have been “everywhere” in China, will be more beautiful “frozen”.