Greedy, will only fall the trap!

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Good news!Good news!You only need to pay the shipping fee to get a mobile phone to see this message you have heart stop!Heaven won’t fall pie greed will only police trap nai man will discourage such telecommunications network fraud together recently, akihito naiman banner in Inner Mongolia autonomous region public security bureau police station received instruction: the wood village new meanings of wang’s suspected are encountering telecom network fraud, there were tricked into risk, the current was tricked into an undisclosed sum.After receiving the warning, the police immediately contacted Ms. Wang for the first time through the phone to verify the situation, but broadcast seven or eight calls after all no one answered, then the police analysis of Ms. Wang mobile phone may have been remote control of the fraud gang.”Come on, we’ll come straight to the door!Hurry up, there should be time.”Police immediately set out, according to the early warning push address rushed to Ms. Wang’s home.When they arrived, the police identified themselves and reminded Ms. Wang of the possible risk of telecom fraud.Then the police asked him whether he was sending money to strangers through the network and dissuaded him from immediately stopping the operation.”How do you know?No, I’m hesitating.”Ms. Wang looked at the police with surprise and doubt.When Ms. Wang just watched the short video online, a link of an insurance company popped up. She clicked the link and was prompted: If you fill in your personal information and participate in the activity, you will have a chance to get the latest brand mobile phone worth 6,000 yuan.Ms. Wang according to the requirements to complete the relevant operation, as expected prompt “in” a mobile phone, but the system prompts also need to pay 200 yuan network mailing fee, to send the mobile phone home.Ms. Wang hesitated to pay, the police arrived in time.”200 yuan is not much, in case there is a real phone?What a pity to miss it!”Ms Wang is still taking a chance.”There’s no pie in the sky, that’s cheating!”Police patient persuasion, this is a typical telecommunications network fraud, after paying the mailing fee, the other party will be to pay margin, handling fees, membership fees and other reasons, constantly ask for money, step by step set trap, causing serious losses.Police after 20 minutes of patient persuasion, Ms. Wang finally saw the light, completely dispelled the idea of money to the other side.”I didn’t care about telecom fraud before, but I did.In the future, I will learn more and understand more to guard myself and my family from being cheated.””Ms. Wang said.Police tip:Current telecom network fraud cases, the criminals through all kinds of communication network tool to implement fraud, not only the method is various, and innovative means, citizen friend must alert attention to guard against, especially not to the other party has revealed himself and his family’s identity, the bank card number and other important information, don’t click on links, keep in mind that “don’t listen, don’t believe it, don’t transfer” anti cheat formula,Received suspicious phone calls, please remain vigilant, do not believe, can call 96110 for verification or directly dial 110 alarm.Source: Ningxia Network Police