What does primary school student society practice activity have?

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What does primary school student society practice activity have?1. Go to the nursing home to comfort the elderly.The school needs to often organize students to carry out various activities, students can sympathize with the elderly at the same time, but also through their words and deeds, understand the old people’s inner loneliness, give the elderly a certain warmth, let the elderly feel happy at the same time, let their own growth experience gradually enriched.2, the formation of environmental protection team, the roadside garbage and harmful substances recovery, and treatment.It is better to teach students to act on their own. The responsibility of protecting the environment needs to be taken by children when they are young. In the process of picking up garbage, students can understand the beauty of the environment and also change their behavior.3. Organize a tree planting team, use your spare time to bury your dreams and expectations in the land and wait for its growth.Trees, like animals, are things that people cannot live without. Students need to plant their emotions and expectations in the ground, so that children can discover the beauty of life.There are many types of social practice activities for primary school students. When organizing social practice, we hope to choose activities that are conducive to the growth of children.In participating in various activities, students can understand the most real feelings, it is this feeling, so that children’s thoughts and moral character has a significant improvement, growth is like this, while understanding the society, find their own beauty.