Urumqi ranked first in water quality among big cities

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In 2021, Urumqi ranked first among 36 key cities with a water quality purity index score of 0.7995.Urumqi covers an area of 13,788 square kilometers and has a resident population of 4.05 million.Urumqi county covers an area of 4,212 square kilometers and has a population of 60,000.From January to December 2021, the top 14 cities and their water bodies will be ranked by water environment quality status of national Surface Water Assessment sections.As can be seen from the table below, the water quality of Urumqi ranks first in China among megacities.All the other cities in this table are ordinary prefecture-level cities.Only Urumqi is the capital city.Urumqi Urumqi River, Wulabo reservoir, Shuimo river, water clear, can be directly drinking.Water quality ranking of prefecture-level and above cities: Liuzhou ranked first, Jiayuguan ranked second, and Guilin ranked third.Nanning ranks second in the water quality rankings of megacities.According to the prefecture-level city ranking, Nanning ranks the 24th in China.The water quality of Yingxiong Bridge is class ⅰ, the water quality of Yuejin Bridge (Hongmay Bridge) and Qingnian Canal is class ⅱ, and the water quality is excellent.The water quality of shuimohe enamel factory is class ⅰ.Tianshan Glacier No. 1 and its surrounding Urumchi River originate from Glacier No. 1 on the Northern Slope of Tianger Mountain.To protect urumqi’s water source from pollution, tourists are banned from visiting tianshan Glacier no. 1.There are no factories, no pollution.Therefore, the water quality of urumqi River is very good.Shuimo River is 27.2 kilometers long.Among them, the terrazzo section is about 11.2 kilometers.The upper reaches of urumqi River is in Urumqi County.Urumqi county is wide and sparsely populated, ensuring the clarity of urumqi River.Above is a partial photo I took of the Urumqi River. The water is so clear that the cobblestones can be seen in the sunlight.Urumqi River has a total length of 214 kilometers and a basin area of 5,803 square kilometers.The Urumqi River flows from Urumqi County to Shaybak District and then flows into Wulabo reservoir in Tianshan District.It crosses Tianshan District, Shaybak District and Xincheng District of Urumqi City, enters Wujiaqua City, and finally flows into Dongdao Haizi of East District of Mi.The design capacity of Ulapor reservoir is 56.2 million cubic meters, the design normal water level is 1082.4m, the dam top elevation is 1088.0m, the maximum dam height is 26m, the dam top width is 6m, and the dam length is 1050m.Wujiaqu City qinggeda Lake, Bayi reservoir water from urumqi river.Above, an ice waterfall in the upper reaches of urumqi River.Melting snow water from these ice falls constantly replenishes the urumqi River.Water is the source of life.Tianshan snow water and Urumqi River, shuimo river to ensure the urban development of Urumqi.Xinjiang has the largest reserves of nine mineral resources in China, including petroleum, natural gas and coal, among which natural gas accounts for 34% of the country’s onshore resources, petroleum 30%, and coal over 40%. It is an important strategic reserve base of energy and mineral resources in China and a national energy security channel to Central and West Asia.Urumqi is a central city in Asia.It is also the core city of the Silk Road Economic Belt.Xinjiang University is a world-class university.Urumqi has six pillar industrial clusters of new energy, new materials, biology and new medicine, advanced equipment manufacturing, coal, petrochemical industry and modern service.Welcome to study, work, start a business, live and make a fortune in Urumqi, Xinjiang.This article by hundred: map resources specialty original, welcome to pay attention to, with your knowledge.