A brief analysis of the beauty of the shadow projection of the building at night

2022-05-01 0 By

With the popularization and application of holographic interactive projection technology in daily business forms, many people are attracted by the immersive space created by holographic interactive projection, and gradually become a new channel for traditional business to attract customers.What kind of sparks will be generated when holographic projection is combined with traditional architecture?This article paramecium technology xiaobian take you to appreciate the beauty of the wall building projection of light and shadow night tour.We’ve all seen architecture, but have you ever seen a building wall that moves?Of course, the building is not really moving, but with the help of holographic projection technology, 3d image materials and wall structure fusion, forming a visual contrast, like being in a 3D movie scene, strong visual impact.Architecture can also be like a book, telling the story of a city and a group of people to the viewer.Relying on holographic interactive projection technology, combined with the humanistic history and geographical features of the city, it is integrated into the 3D theme material scene. When the user walks into the projection area, it feels like listening to a story, watching a movie, and feeling the changing path of a city and a group of people.3 d theme material can be integrated with the development trend of city history, the humanities, in a short time the change of a city, a group of people, although it is physical structures, the ultimate effect is like reading a book, a play, fun, if you are interested in wall construction projection of light vigil, welcome to communicate with small make up to discuss