Yiyang Spring Festival golden week consumer market for full sales

2022-04-30 0 By

Yiyang Daily · Dayyiyang Client news (reporter Li Wei correspondent Li Xiaibing Yang CAI) Spring Festival Golden Week, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce to ensure supply, promote consumption, grasp the safety, epidemic prevention situation as the goal, guide key commercial enterprises to open wide supply channels, enrich the festival market,The market operation shows a good trend of sufficient goods and materials for people’s livelihood, stable commodity prices, a strong festival atmosphere, and stronger consumption momentum.For best Spring Festival golden week necessities for stabilizing price, city business bureau for work leading group, set up market set issued regarding the low temperature sleet weather and during the Spring Festival market supplies and the safety in production work related notice of the low temperature sleet and emergency guarantee for the plans for the necessaries of life during the Spring Festival market “,Commercial departments at all levels are required to define key tasks, specify work measures, implement division of responsibilities, and coordinate epidemic prevention and control and market supply protection.Before the festival, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce guided and assisted honglianda Market, Hijixing, Better Life, Wal-Mart, Haorunjia and other key commercial circulation enterprises to do their best to organize supply of goods, strengthen material transportation, and enrich the reserve of important commodities.At present, 39 key enterprises, including major agricultural wholesale markets, large supermarkets, shopping malls and grain and oil enterprises, have stored more than 6,500 tons of rice, 520 tons of noodles, 2,000 tons of edible oil and 600 tons of vegetables, which can meet the living needs of citizens for about a month.Bubugao supermarket, Wal-mart supermarket, Herun Jia Supermarket, Golden Sun supermarket can guarantee the supply of daily general merchandise, electrical appliances and other goods in stock for more than one month. Vegetables and meat can be replenished from the headquarters warehouse or nearby base at any time by daily delivery system.During the Golden Week, major commercial circulation enterprises in the downtown area actively adapted to the post-epidemic era and carried out colorful festive promotional activities. Wanhai Business District became an important consumption hotspot, and holiday gift boxes, fruits, leisure food, tobacco and alcohol became hot commodities.Yiyang Wanda Plaza during the Spring Festival Golden Week achieved sales revenue of 39.9 million yuan, up 34.03% year on year;Step by step, Wal-Mart and other large business sales are basically flat compared with previous years.The sales revenue of catering and accommodation of major urban hotels increased significantly compared with the same period last year, and the sales revenue of Country Garden Phoenix Hotel increased by 86% compared with the same period last year.Huatian Hotel sales revenue increased 61.84% year on year.