Taiyuan, Shanxi Province has designated sealed control zones, control zones and prevention zones

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Taiyuan, February 25 (Xinhua/Fan Lifang) A new case of COVID-19 (mild) was confirmed in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province on February 24.On February 25, the Taiyuan Epidemic Prevention and Control Office issued a notice to implement classified management of relevant areas.The following areas shall be subject to closed area management: small store area:Lucy a bing south lane nuclear QiYuan 9-39 sock shop, KouZhuang road mousse hotel, KouZhuang road, lane Fried noodle, xinglong petrochemical technology road station, west road right old malatang snack bar, shanxi coal center hospital outpatient service hall, Bethune hospital outdoor container nucleic acid testing point in shanxi, shanxi cape ringha hospital medical examination, shanxi university affiliated school parking lotTaiyuan 27 Middle School parking lot, Shanxi Renan Hospital Kapu Medical Laboratory underground parking lot.Yingze District: Chaoyang Street Pudding Hotel, pudding hotel door man noodle restaurant, Qiaodong Street Changliang hotel, fashion cut (Qiaodong Street store), dream space Tang Jiu supermarket, Qiaodong Street parking lot.Jiancao District: Taiyuan No. 66 Middle School.Yangqu County: Yangqu County No. 1 Middle School.All personnel in the containment area shall be subject to the management measures of “regional closure, staying indoors and providing door-to-door services”, and nucleic acid tests shall be conducted in accordance with relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control.To the east of Datong Road, south of Yingxin North Third Lane, west of Xinlan Road and north of Xincheng South Street in Jiancao District, the management control area is implemented.All personnel in the zone are prohibited from leaving the area and gathering together. Nucleic acid tests and health monitoring are carried out in accordance with relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control.Each household in the control area can arrange one person to purchase daily necessities at the designated place in the community on the premise of strict personal protection every two days.Prevention zone management is implemented for the whole Area of Jiancao District, and management measures of “strengthening social meeting control and strictly limiting people gathering” are implemented in the prevention and control area. Nucleic acid testing and health monitoring are conducted in accordance with relevant provisions of epidemic prevention and control.Prevention area advocate not to go out of the area if it is not necessary;Strictly implement the suspension of business in closed public places;Reasonable control of the number of shoppers in shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers’ markets and other places where basic necessities are supplied;In-room eating is prohibited in catering places;Special vehicles, people’s livelihood security staff to ensure their smooth passage.The control and service of the closed control and control areas should be strictly implemented in accordance with the responsibilities of the territory and the supervision of the industry, and work should be done to ensure the livelihood, comfort and psychological counseling of the people in the areas under control. Special needs of the disabled, the elderly living alone and people going out for medical treatment should be addressed.Residents in containment, control and prevention areas should consciously implement the above control measures, actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing and health monitoring, and not go out in violation of regulations to avoid the risk of epidemic spread.According to the circular, these measures will be adjusted dynamically based on nucleic acid test results and epidemic risk assessment results.(after)