Starting from April 1, traffic violation points will be adjusted, involving C1, C2, F driving license, early understanding will not be fined

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The number more and more vehicles in China, not only caused a lot of pressure to road traffic, and makes more and more traffic violations, in order to better management of motor vehicles, April 1, 2022 to implement the newly revised “road traffic safety violations scorecard management method”, would be a big adjustment for traffic law grading,Especially for C1, C2, F driver’s license will have an impact on travel. Today, I will share with you the changes in the adjustment of traffic violation score, so that owners can understand the changes early, so as not to be fined when traveling.Traffic law on April 1, scoring will adjust the owner in the use of motor vehicles outside the car, if there is a traffic violation, will face the penalty fines, so his driver’s license is very important for the owner, according to the severity of the traffic law, a driver’s license points to 12 points, 9 points, six points, three points, five gears of 1 classification,For minor traffic offences this is a warning based penalty and no points will be deducted.In the new scoring management method, there are 7 categories of illegal behaviors that record 12 points at a time, 7 categories of illegal behaviors that record 9 points at a time, 11 categories of illegal behaviors that record 6 points at a time, 15 categories of illegal behaviors that record 3 points at a time, and 10 categories of illegal behaviors that record 1 point at a time.New rules to implement, and score four types of illegal behavior will adjust after the implementation of new measures for the management of illegal behavior score, score four kind of illegal behavior have larger adjustment, at the same time can also cause a certain influence to our life, especially for C1 and C2, F the driver’s owner, detailed descriptions below the 4 kinds of illegal score adjustment.1, not place inspection marks, insurance and other traffic violation points we no longer know the vehicle annual inspection is required, after the annual inspection of qualified will issue a check mark, under current rules, need to finish this flag posted before glass top right corner, at the same time every year to buy compulsory insurance, later also want to stick insurance mark on the location,Failure to display these signs will be considered an offence and will result in points being deducted from the driver’s license.But now with the development of science and technology, electronic eye can grab the license directly, through validation you can check the current vehicle license plate is the yearly check, whether to buy the insurance, so don’t have to post these yearly check mark later, on April 1 implementation of the new illegal scorecard management way, if there is no paste inspection mark and insurance mark behavior will not be given.2, to hunt down the driver’s behavior, and one-time buckle after each scoring 12 points each license period up to full marks for 12 points, some men will appear multiple times in driving illegal violation behavior, so there may be 12 points is not enough use, in order to avoid the one-time deduct 12 points, you need to learn, these people will buy a driver’s license points the way for illegal processing,The main object of the previous investigation is to buy points of the car owners.Illegal scores on April 1, implementation of the new management method, for the selling points of the owner will be severely hit, if after selling points were investigated, the owner will be disciplined by 12 points at once, then you must take the recovery of a driver’s license test, by buying and selling a crackdown on the driver’s behavior, can encourage people to obey the traffic rules, theirMake the road traffic more smooth.3, not specification driving behavior, increase the intensity of punishment some owners in the use of motor vehicles travel, some non-standard driving behavior, such as answer or make calls in road driving, while driving on the way to browse electronic devices, at intersections or traffic jams, some owners forced gasser cut in line, etc, these are not standard, the driving behavior of civilization.Illegal score on April 1 implementation of the new management method, for driving these non-standard uncivilized behavior, will increase the intensity of punishment, in driving a car on the way to answer, make a phone call, for example, or while driving on the way to browse the electronic equipment, after being captured will one-time license 3 points, the traffic light intersection line or in traffic for owners forced gasser jump the queue,Three points will be deducted from the driver’s license at one time, and nine points will be deducted from the driver’s license for parking illegally in the emergency lane of the motorway or on city expressways.4, adjust out learning examination system and fully implementing method points measures some owners in the use of motor vehicles out there are serious traffic violation behavior, there might be a scoring period, filled with 12 points, many times for the owner, should strengthen management, April 1, the implementation of the illegal scorecard management way, will be adjusted out learning system,For this kind of car owners, the study time will be extended, the study content will be increased, the examination subjects will be increased, so that these car owners can strictly abide by the traffic laws and regulations, to ensure the safety of travel.Other on April 1, the comprehensive research method points measures, for owner accidentally violation and be penalised, can through online learning or site, study of road traffic safety laws and regulations, or take part in some public welfare activities, after pass the test will be deducted from the cumulative score corresponding scores, highest one scoring cycle can be deducted 6 points.Conclusion: April 1 will adjust traffic law grading, illegal scorecard management through the implementation of the new method, adjust the illegal way of scoring, and for a minor illegal act, just to give a verbal warning, for those serious illegal ACTS, will increase the intensity of punishment, through illegal score adjustment, to make a driver’s license management more humane, the safety of the owners travel more.What else do you think will affect the daily travel of car owners when the new road traffic violation points management method is implemented from April 1, 2022?Feel free 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