Seventeen guides from the North China Service showed up at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games

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At the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, 91 Olympic delegation etiquette guides led the delegations of participating countries and regions to the parade. Their elegant manners and high-spirited posture amazed Beijing, China and the world.On February 5, Beijing Youth Daily learned from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology that among the 91 etiquette guiders, 17 are from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Communication performance major students, 16 of them as the participating countries and regions of the delegation guiders, one as the Olympic Committee guest guiders.In addition, 15 etiquette professional volunteers from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology will appear at the award ceremony and the closing ceremony, demonstrating the “etiquette of a great power”.Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology etiquette volunteer photo for memorial photo/Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology guide received 4 months of intensive training to show the “most beautiful themselves” tall, elegant, beautiful and dignified……The Chinese girls who guided the athletes at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics yesterday received a lot of praise.Reporters from Beijing Youth Daily learned that most of them are from universities in Beijing.Among them, 17 guides are from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, some are freshmen.In October last year, Zhang Yimou, the director of the opening and closing ceremonies, came to Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology to select students to serve as instructors.Since Oct 4 last year, the selected instructors for the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games have started their closed-door training.The director put forward strict training requirements for the guide, “broadcast, turn head, smile…Keep your elbows straight!Don’t lean forward!”Other than footsteps, it was the most common sound heard at the training ground.The training is arduous, with facilitators having to stand still for 50 minutes holding a signboard while wearing the best smile on their faces.Not only does a single training take a long time, but facilitators need to undergo multiple trainings to ensure the “most beautiful presentation”.According to statistics, in more than four months, the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games usher in the Capital Institute of Sports training 11 times, 16 times in the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) field training, row 5 times, the cumulative training time has reached more than 400 hours.Olympic athletes in the arena to create brilliant, and the guide also with their own sweat and unremitting training, in exchange for the opportunity to show their world.In the heat of the selection process, from Beijing north of culvert and JingDian diao month, elegant atmosphere in the image of temperament, rigorous professional body movements, the opening and closing ceremonies of the zhang yimou, certainly stand out, bear the opening ceremony of the first entry of Greece, and the guidance of the host of the Chinese delegation, “most beautiful”.The Chinese delegation will be led by Diao Yuehanfutu, a student from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. Etiquette volunteers from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology will appear at the athletes’ award ceremony. In addition to the instructors, 15 etiquette volunteers from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology will also appear at the award ceremony and the closing ceremony.Among them, 10 etiquette volunteers will appear in yanqing competition area of the national bobsled center athletes award ceremony.Etiquette volunteers are also painstakingly selected and trained.”Since April last year, the school has held an audition for students who want to become etiquette volunteers.In May last year, relevant departments of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee came to the school to assess students’ image, oral expression, professional pace and etiquette display, and finally decided on the choice of etiquette volunteers.”Wang Xiaoou, secretary of the Youth League committee of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.Etiquette volunteers began closed-door training in July last year for a month, mainly including basic etiquette knowledge, basic footwork training, etiquette and posture training.According to Liao Weiwei, a 2018 fashion performance major student at the Fashion Communication School of The Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, dance training is also included in the posture and image training, so that volunteers can project a dignified and feminine image as much as possible.”Waltz, model walk, etc., so after a month, we not only completed the training content, but also acquired a lot of skills.”The arc of the smile and the Angle of the tray are particular about, Liao Weiwei told Beiqing Daily, etiquette volunteers training in particular need to pay attention to the display of details.”There are strict requirements on the arc of each person’s smile and the Angle of the tray.”Liao Weiwei said.During the awarding stage, the etiquette volunteers should hold the tray with their hands to place the MEDALS. Because the tray has a certain weight, they should pay special attention to the coordination and stability of their steps when walking.”To this end, we put three 380ml bottles of mineral water on the tray during training to increase the weight and make sure there are no accidents like dropping the tray,” Mr. Liao said.On January 24 this year, Liao Weiwei officially started her volunteer work. Since the official competition has not yet started, she mainly cooperated with the venue to carry out the all-elements and all-process drills.During the award ceremony, all the etiquette volunteers should make a neat presentation in accordance with the rhythm of the award music.According to the current training program, etiquette volunteers need to be familiar with the guest route guidelines, athlete route guidelines and tray carrying route.From the beginning, etiquette volunteers need to practice and rehearse the three routes repeatedly to make sure they present the best etiquette when presenting awards.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Liu Yang editor MAO Yu