Management improvement 214: Driving continuous improvement requires an “I will do my best” spirit

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Abstract: The value of managers is not only to report problems, but to solve them.Value can only be created by solving problems.It is not that we cannot discover or solve many problems, but that our mindset and ability limit us.Therefore, we need to change the mindset, we might as well learn reverse thinking;We need to strengthen our study, keep pace with The Times, master some problem management tools, and constantly improve the ability to find problems, express problems, analyze problems and solve problems.1, to promote continuous improvement, need “I do my best” spirit Dell.One day Taylor, a respected pastor of a famous Teaching Reed school in Seattle, announced to a class at his missionary school:Anyone who can recite Matthew chapter 5 to chapter 7 of the entire contents, he invited them to tower “space needle” restaurant in Seattle to attend free dinner party, where is that many children do dream, but the bible. Matthew chapter 5 to chapter 7 have tens of thousands of words, and don’t rhyme, to recite the text have considerable difficulty.But one boy of eleven sat down confidently before Reverend Taylor and recited the text from beginning to end without a single mistake, and at the end with great emotion.Reverend Taylor’s mouth fell open in surprise. It is rare for a true Believer to memorize the entire text, let alone a child.”Without thinking, the child replied, ‘I do my best.Sixteen years later, the kid was bill, the head of a well-known software company.Gates.2. Push the envelope – drive for continuous improvement.I do my best to push the envelope.At present, six sigma management is highly respected in the world enterprise management. The core idea of management is not to tolerate “almost”, “ok”, “can be” to do the best, the second is equal to death.Microsoft CEO Nathan.Myhrvold once said, “No matter how good your product is, you’re always 18 months away from total failure.For any enterprise, tolerating rivals is doomed to failure, settling for second place, and eventually being eliminated is tantamount to death.”Six Sigma management is a proactive management, a cultural management.Extreme management captures the core of business management — the mind of people.Six sigma has become a strategic hallmark of global giants such as 3M and DuPont.The sharp edge of Six Sigma is that it focuses on the customer first. It “starts with the customer, serves the customer” and creates value through the customer.With data speech is the essence of six sigma, as western proverb says “in god we trust, please use Numbers to others”, any enterprise can not improve it not quantitative evaluation of the business, not quantitative, measuring the activity, cannot carry out effective management and improvement of Chinese companies used to summarize the experiences of “experience” can not quantify is difficult to learn and repeat.Focus on process is where six Sigma is sharpened.It is the lack of communication and conflict between internal organizations that creates a black hole that swallows up money and resources. Six Sigma focuses on the processes that produce and serve the business. It often involves working beyond the boundaries of the organization’s responsibilities, breaking the “point thinking” paradigm, and collaborating without boundaries.3, improve —— do not easily say impossible to have given many friends tested this several questions, all say impossible to get such an answer, you might as well try, see the problem: 1+1=2 2+1=3 3+4=1 4+9=1 5+7=1 6+18=1 how can it be so?In fact, it can be said in a word.We just add the appropriate unit names to the numbers and it works, exactly.1 (li) +1 (li) =1 (km)2 (month) +1 (month) =1 (quarter);3 days +4 days =1 week;4 o ‘clock +9 o ‘clock =1 o ‘clock +3 o ‘clock =1 PM;5 (month) +7 (month) =1 (year)6 (hours) +18 (hours) =1 (day)Simple numbers games teach us to face the unthinkable in life.By adjusting your way of thinking, changing your perspective, and stepping out of your habitual thinking loop, you can get extraordinary answers that make the impossible possible.If you are a wise man, in the face of the world, do not easily say impossible.This is not to instil tact and sophistication, but to appreciate maturity and wisdom.If you find this article worthwhile, please follow, appreciate and forward it.Thank you very much!