In the city of Niutau, I met an eagle

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In Niutou City, meet an eagle Lin Li revisited taohe Please believe that in the interior of a river the ancient ambition and sparkling ripples will be reproduced at some time at this moment, a Tubo man carrying water a clang Gesang flowers,Perhaps this is the magic of Taohe river. The ancestors sitting on the rocks and looking into the distance are about to gain a new thrill or solemnness. In the silence or noise of the arc of the water, the tension of life, the memory of years, and the vicissitudes and vitality of each ethnic group…In the city of Bull’s head, I met an eagle and I heard its cry far, far away, from the beacon tower it was such a round note, clear, sad to distinguish it from the wind at that time, I was walking slowly across the wall of the earth city, the wheat rolling,The rapeseed is golden and I stop there and listen and look but the castle is empty and there are ripples of silence in the breeze nothing extra exists except the empty cry time seems to have vanished even I am leaving the castle does it exist?The truth?Is it just a blank space filled with suspense in a lonely universe that seems so distant, as if it grew out of the earth, definite and vague…It this afternoon and sidewall, beacons, ancient castle together lit LongYuan earth during China’s powerful and solemn states yi here, may meet a transport and princess or tea, salt merchants, from rushed out of the soldiers, toast a look warm, keep the jianghuai accent of the shadow of the old man their mysterious, revealing and, of course, there is a river from here,Blown away with water from a river far man in the blue of the pounding with dreams of fire pier, a bronze colour and lustre is not scattered in the time frame in half the earth half buried in the ground, forthright and the vicissitudes of life, peng grass and flower, foil the beauty of its wild beacon tower is a phantasy winding it empty the ranks, but still has horn and heroes abandoned sites, the damaged will be picked up a piece of eaves tiles.A tear-stained silk handkerchief in the thousands of years of time and history in tao Zhou Yi, like a dream……In the dream light shaking night read “Plug under the song”, and wang Changling from a poem, into the xiongguan, the desert, the lone city, watch the beacon fire, smell the qiang flute which post, silk, beacon smoke, nostalgic soldiers “so far, there is still fermentation…”Trance want to quiet down, can see a Chinese characters and a drop of a grain of salt also made in ancient China’s state secrets of the catalyst, purification and extradition fermented into a song cry, a line of blood spray zhang’s sentiment a dose of blending the nostalgia of medicine juice which vanished horses, the bright moon, basil, silk with the steps in return to foster son, small princess, soldiers, businessmen,When they meet, they smile. When they meet, they smile. When they meet, they smile.Many ancient and modern poems and homesickness have become watery and earthy. They used to be the elegy of time. Now, they are a forgetful fragrance lapping at Taozhou Tincture…A brief History of the Plateau Some fengdun, sitting alone on the top of the mountain waiting for the wind, from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,Crawled back into a pile of yellow ancient castle in the wind a leave for a long time of toast is covered with in the moonlight of silver frost back in the terraced fields of wheat, rape, changing the colors in the twilight no don’t want to grasp the soil of the grass will not bend river not reluctant to soaring eagle a star in the sky endless stare at you a Hu Jia, ardently sadly cried a birth a horse,Stretch the road longer and longer…Author introduction Lin Li’s works have been published in people’s Literature, Poetry Journal, Stars, Tianya, Flower City, Readers, Mountain Flowers, Works and other newspapers and periodicals.Published poetry collection “Above the Dust”, “Singing Alone” and so on.He was awarded 2010 Young Chinese Poet Award, 2014 Jiangxi Poet of the Year Award, Red Gaoliang Poetry Award, Yangtze Poetics Award and so on. He participated in the 24th Youth Poetry Conference of Poetry Journal.