Henan: insufficient public security filing standards of civil conflict dispute cases promptly transferred to the village (residential) legal advisers

2022-04-30 0 By

On February 15, the sixth press conference of henan Province was held in the press conference hall of the Information Office of the Provincial Government.At the conference, the provincial department of justice Party secretary, director Zhao Huisheng said, through the practice of the village (house) legal adviser work, one is the village (house) legal adviser get the trust of the village and the masses, the habit and atmosphere of looking for legal counsel gradually formed.Second, a mechanism has been established to link the work of village (residential) legal counsel with that of legal aid, so that people in need who meet the conditions for legal aid can request village (residential) legal counsel to assist them in applying for legal aid in accordance with the law.Third, the work docking mechanism with the village (case) police office was gradually established.A large number of civil conflicts and disputes that do not meet the standards for filing cases for public security and are in daily life have been promptly transferred to village (neighborhood) legal advisers for handling, significantly improving the efficiency and quality of mediation.Fourth, closely related to rural land transfer, neighborhood disputes, marriage and family, inheritance, production and operation and other issues, to carry out legal service activities, in the “six prevention and six promotion” grass-roots special contradiction resolution in a timely manner to solve the grassroots people’s worries, worries and worries, reduce litigation, promote interest visits,We will ensure that people have their demands, organizations respond, services are guaranteed, and the people feel them. We will ensure that risks are resolved at the front line and conflicts are resolved at the front.(Yang Zeya, Zhengguan News reporter)