Study material net course, this sideline really depend on spectrum?

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Any net earn project, have certain risk, how to understand?For example, I at the beginning of the contact net earn time, from some big guy good spend 99 bought a net earn data, wait for me to take a look, good guy all from the net scrape together come together, this is really a bit unreliable, you think I was to pay intelligence quotient tax?Continue to listen to me, I take it later, the truth is a bit disappointed, then took a long time, probably more than half a year’s time, I use of spare time every day to buy the online information research field, and then, I made a improvement, you can do the project continue to supplement, can’t do, 199 a sold online is about more than 80.So you think this is a good one?As a practical person, I can tell you that there are two key points for the reliability of personal operation: 1.Data and Services At present, this project has a lot of people in operation, there are a lot of people selling data on a treasure, a lot of fish, most of them are second sellers.Second, they have information in their hands, and most of them are also saved everywhere. The information is not all on the one hand. The key is that because it is personal operation, the later service must be unable to keep up.Formal information acquisition, can directly represent the information of major teams, I now use the most is Hanxuan information, whether from the agency price or from the service and management, personal experience is not bad.I got in touch with this project from a little sister who came to consult me about the operation of Xiaohongshu. We can say that we give to each other. She came to consult, but I did not charge for consulting, and she told me all the practical operation of this project without reservation.Many friends, many roads, do sideline this matter, is such, sometimes a word of others, you may wake up.Little sister introduced me to han Xuan team, she is my guide.Later, our company a little brother operation, also in my introduction also entered Han Xuan to do this sideline.Therefore, whether the information is updated timely and whether it can meet the needs of the crowd is the key point. Whether the late service can be in place is related to whether your customers can continue to buy back.Last night, I saw a saying in the community that we should learn from those who have strength, not those who have income, because income can be faked, but strength cannot be faked.But now a lot of people are very fickle, see some people’s circle of friends basked in paste can not paste income screenshots, that this person must be very powerful, follow him must be able to make money, can do this fake screenshots of software online a lot of catch.Last month, I focus on a learning materials also do a sideline a little sister, I focus on her public number first, when you look at the number of online public content more, take a look at the little sister’s public content, really is just a little bit the feeling of clear soup noodles, in a number of her public see earn tens of thousands of, also can’t see the day to earn a few hundred, only some of your doing sideline.Attention for a period of time, I added her wechat, did not expect that her circle of friends is also clear soup noodles, every day in addition to update the necessary information, more is their own reflection and learning.I’d love to, but every client that comes in, she’s willing to make a deal.The highest form of marketing is not marketing.After all, people who are actually doing the work never bother to show their pockets to anyone.Choose someone who can help you solve your problems and grow quickly.I don’t want to brag about how reliable I am, but I want to tell you, don’t go astray, don’t get cut.If you want to make some money through this side business, make sure you have the above two points to start operating.