Shenzhen, Dongguan and Foshan, the top 100 advanced manufacturing cities in China, are surprising

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Strong manufacturing industry leads to strong industry, and strong industry leads to strong economic strength. Especially for China, a developing country, manufacturing is the foundation of development at any time, and manufacturing cannot be easily abandoned at any time.And the economic volume is larger cities throughout China, most are relying on started with manufacturing, though after economic development, the proportion of service industry is more and more big, but never give up in many cities in manufacturing, but constantly to upgrade manufacturing industry adjustment, make manufacturing competitiveness more and more high, the gold content is higher and higher.When it comes to manufacturing, many people will first think of Shanghai and Suzhou in the Yangtze River Delta, and Foshan and Dongguan in the Pearl River Delta, but few people will associate Shenzhen with manufacturing.In many people’s minds, Shenzhen doesn’t seem to have much to do with manufacturing. Many people have long assumed that Shenzhen mainly relied on finance, real estate, trade and other services to support its economic development.On the contrary, Dongguan and Foshan give people the impression that the manufacturing industry is very strong, and many people even regard Dongguan as the “factory of the world”, because there are so many factories in Dongguan.However, some time ago, CCID Intelligent Equipment Industry Research Center released a list of China’s Top 100 advanced manufacturing cities, shenzhen ranked first, dongguan ranked 19th, Foshan ranked 18th, dongguan and Foshan ranked even less than Xiamen and Changzhou, which is very surprising.See this, a lot of net friends feel is wild list, is not a net friend idle to have no matter disorderly comment come out?In fact, the organization that selected this list is no ordinary institution. It is CCID Consulting co., LTD. It is directly under the China Electronics Information Industry Development Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is China’s first listed on the Gem in Hong Kong.And in the industry, the first through the international and national quality management and system (ISO9001) standard certification of modern consulting enterprises, with a strong professional and independent.Seeing this, some netizens may also question whether those top cities are bought with money?Have this kind of attitude is actually a little with the heart of the villain degree gentleman’s abdomen suspect.In fact, shenzhen ranked no. 1, which is not surprising, those who are really familiar with Shenzhen know that shenzhen’s manufacturing industry is actually very strong.In 2020, shenzhen’s industrial output value above designated size ranked first in China, with an annual output value of 3.7 trillion yuan.In addition, the total amount of foreign trade imports and exports ranked the second, among which the total amount of exports ranked the first, which has been more than ten years in shenzhen exports ranked the first position in the country.When it comes to advanced manufacturing, Shenzhen’s strength can also not be downplayed. There are many high-tech industries in Shenzhen, such as Huawei, ZTE, BYD, Foxconn, DJI UAV, Ofeiguang, TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics, Shenzhou Computer, Mindray Bio-technology, Dazu laser, etc.By the end of 2020, the number of high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen reached more than 18,000, ranking second only to Beijing.At present, shenzhen’s advanced manufacturing industry is indeed in the forefront of the country. Both the output value of advanced manufacturing industry and the proportion of added value of advanced manufacturing industry in GDP rank first in the country.Shenzhen has formed a large-scale industrial cluster in electronic information manufacturing, high-end equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, new materials, artificial intelligence and other fields.Taking 2020 as an example, the added value of shenzhen’s strategic emerging industries totaled 1,027.272 billion yuan, an increase of 3.1 percent over the previous year and accounting for 37.1 percent of the regional GDP.The added value of the new-generation information technology industry was 489.345 billion yuan, up 2.6%;The added value of digital economy industry was 160,103 billion yuan, down 0.2%;The added value of high-end equipment manufacturing was 138.069 billion yuan, up 1.8%;The added value of green and low-carbon industries was 122.704 billion yuan, up 6.2%;The added value of Marine economy industry was 42.776 billion yuan, up 2.4%;The added value of new materials industry was 33.450 billion yuan, down 0.2%;The added value of the biomedical industry was 40.825 billion yuan, up 24.4%.After looking at these data, shenzhen ranks the first in the top 100 advanced manufacturing cities in China, which is not surprising. Of course, this is provided that Shanghai and Beijing are not included in the list as a city. If Shanghai and Beijing were included, Shenzhen would probably rank the second.However, Foshan and Dongguan can only rank 18th and 19th, which is really unexpected. The GDP of these two cities has reached one trillion yuan, and a large proportion of the GDP of these two cities is contributed by industry, especially manufacturing industry. Then why are foshan and Dongguan so large in economic size?Ranked worse than smaller economies such as Xiamen and Changzhou?To get back to this question, we first have to go back to what is advanced manufacturing.So-called advanced manufacturing industry it is compared with the traditional manufacturing industry, it refers to manufacturing electronic information, computer, machinery, constantly absorbing materials and high-tech achievements of modern management technology, and the integrated application of advanced manufacturing technology in manufacturing the products of research and development design, production, testing, online marketing services for and management of the whole process,To achieve high quality, efficient, low consumption, clean, flexible production, namely to achieve information, automation, intelligent, flexible, ecological production, and achieve good economic benefits and market effect of the manufacturing industry.Although the manufacturing output of Dongguan and Foshan is very large, overall, there is still a certain gap between the advanced manufacturing industry of Dongguan and Foshan and that of some leading cities.At present, the manufacturing industry in Dongguan and Foshan is mainly based on some basic processing industries, with relatively few high-tech enterprises and products.The list of CCID consultants is not simply based on the total industrial output value or manufacturing output value to select, but from the innovation capacity, integrated development, economic drive, brand quality and green intensive five dimensions of 27 indicators for systematic research and comprehensive evaluation, so there is a lot of reference.This is why, although dongguan and Foshan have strong manufacturing industries, advanced manufacturing ranks relatively low.However, in recent years, Foshan, Dongguan, has also been actively adjusting and upgrading its industrial structure and constantly increasing its investment and support for advanced manufacturing. I believe that with the continuous investment of these two cities, the competitiveness of new manufacturing in Foshan and Dongguan will become stronger and stronger in the future.