Golden Sheep network review: with unity to convey passion and dream

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Sincere congratulations, sincere encouragement, sincere comfort…The Beijing Winter Olympic Games are in full swing. Warm and moving scenes on and off the field show the close and harmonious atmosphere of mutual respect, solidarity and friendship among athletes in sports venues, and also a vivid interpretation of the sports spirit of “more unity”.United and cooperative, we share a common destiny.This is the ideal pursued by the Olympic Movement and the original intention of building a community with a shared future for mankind.”Since ancient times, the Olympic Movement has carried mankind’s pursuit of peace, unity and progress,” Xi said.As the first global comprehensive sports event to be held as scheduled since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Beijing Winter Olympics sent a strong message of “Together for the future” to the world.Rings, Beijing Olympics together more than 90 countries nearly 3000 athletes “double the city”, sharing sports bring joy and passion, they used the struggle together demonstrate the courage and strength, to deliver the passion and dreams, in the interaction to enhance the understanding, enhance friendship, with the spirit of “solidarity” more power, bring the audience shocked and moved.They are rivals, but also friends.Olympic athletes have proved to the world that the fierce competition on the field is no barrier to peaceful coexistence and mutual respect.In the 8th round of curling mixed doubles round robin, China’s “Zhi Yuan” team, after losing the US team 5:7, generously sent their best wishes to their opponents and gave them the commemorative badges of “Bing Dwen Dwen”. The two sides took a group photo happily talking and laughing, and the American players also gave gifts in return.In the women’s snowboard slopestyle final, zoe Sadowski Sinnott of New Zealand landed after her extremely difficult routine, and the other 11 snowboarders hugged and congratulated each other.Liu Shaolin of Hungary and Wu Dajing of China embraced after the 2,000-meter mixed team relay and posted a photo of them on social media to congratulate China on winning the gold medal.The result of the competition is important, but the friendship is worth cherishing. This is the Olympic spirit, which conveys the common pursuit of unity, friendship and peace for all mankind. The athletes are opponents who respect each other on the field, and close friends off the field.As International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said in his opening speech, “The Mission of the Olympic Games is to unite people in peaceful competition.”United hand in hand, the United States.At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, when the “snowflakes” with the names of the participating countries and regions converged into a “big snowflake”, and when the small “pigeons” running happily on the snow and ice formed a beating “heart”, the world once again saw China’s efforts to promote the common development of mankind and share the future.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, athletes of different colors, races and countries competed together, presenting a touching story of mutual respect and equal exchanges. It also became a rallying point for countries around the world to build a better global village and join hands for a stronger future.The world is one and the same.The theme slogan of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games “Together for the Future” is not only China’s proposal and solution, but also the direction of efforts of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.From the snowflake torchbearer at the opening ceremony, to foreign athletes moved to tears by volunteers, to the track of the Winter Olympics was praised, netizens praise the Japanese athletes.Under the Banner of the Olympic Rings, no matter teammates or opponents, no matter athletes, coaches, staff and volunteers, people get together to make progress and grow together because of their love for ice and snow sports.As UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, the world needs a successful Winter Olympics to send a clear message that people of any country, nation or religion can transcend their differences and achieve unity and cooperation.The Beijing Winter Olympics did it!Source Golden Sheep network editor Duan Lanqian editor Wang Luyao Yang Tao