Yi Neng Times released qiming new charging pile products, and the conversion efficiency exceeded 99%

2022-04-28 0 By

Donewsmarch 13 news (Li Wenpeng) Beijing time on March 13, Yi Neng Times launched a press conference in Guangzhou Shiboge Grand View Hotel Conference Center, launched a new charging pile product Qiming series: Qiming 30C 3999 yuan;Qiming 30C Pro 6999 yuan;60 c $7999.According to a number of brokerage analysis data shows that by 2025, the entire market can be sold in the new energy vehicles will be close to 40 million.At present, the new charging piles on the market have many problems, such as high energy consumption, high noise, large volume, poor safety and stability.The qiming 60 product released by Eoneng Times can improve the appeal problem and solve the pain point of high operation and after-sales cost in the charging pile industry for a long time.It is understood that start 60 is a 60 kW new energy vehicle charging pile charging module, can support 1000V voltage platform, and fully compatible with 800V voltage vehicle platform, in addition to high conversion efficiency, fast heat dissipation, low noise, small volume, safety and stability.Charging conversion efficiency, Qiming series can reach 99%.It is understood that, through independent research and development, the implementation of the nanosecond learning soft switch technology, to achieve the maximum set of software and hardware, pressure to the nanolevel tracking, greatly reduce the energy consumption of switching components, to achieve high conversion of charging efficiency.Cooling, qiming series introduced intelligent temperature control solution, the use of components of different working principle to the specialized heat dissipation, at the same time, improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and heat, for super cooling saves a lot of cost, and the cooling device within 50 watts of power control, low heat, low power intelligent cooling system.In terms of density, Qiming series improves the power density to 3.6, 50% higher than the industry average, greatly reduces the land occupied area of charging piles, saves the internal cost structure of electric piles, and improves the reuse capability of electric pile assets.In terms of safety and stability, Qiming series has achieved an extremely low error rate by reducing the number of switch tubes by 66% to 10, and launched the cloud intelligent guarantee system, which greatly improves the security and stability of the whole system.In addition, the conference also opened the recruitment of new product public test, Su Xin also said that in the future, enterprises will pay attention to breakthrough of the underlying application technology of products, compatible with the charging ecology of the whole industry, to provide charging pile manufacturers with a complete set of technical service solutions including intelligent software and hardware.