Pomegranates bloom with a thousand miles of fragrance

2022-04-28 0 By

On March 25, the dining car of T9526 train from Urumqi to Hotan was decorated and filled with a festive atmosphere.At 12:30, more than 30 passengers and crew members sang and danced together to send sincere wishes for the train’s fifth anniversary.”I’ve seen the train grow.”Chen Dalin, a passenger, said that he makes more than 20 trips between Urumqi and Hotan every year. He has been riding the train since its inception and has become old friends with many of the train attendants. “The speed is getting faster and faster, and passengers are laughing more and more.”The train started on March 25, 2017, covering 1,996 kilometers.In the past five years, the train has safely transported 5.598 million passengers, performed 6,215 good deeds for passengers, received 155 letters of commendation from passengers and 103 banners.”We love to serve passengers of all ethnic groups, carefully care for the brand of pomegranate flowers, for the propaganda of the Party’s ethnic policy to build an effective carrier, exchanges and integration of ethnic exchanges to provide convenient conditions.”China Railway Urumqi Bureau Group Co. LTD. Korla passenger section and Tian first party general branch secretary Guo Qing said.In the past five years, adhering to the concept of “creating a mobile lecture hall, publicizing ethnic policies, telling a good story of unity and helping rural revitalization”, the “Ethnic Unity Family” train has constantly improved its service measures, introduced special service projects, enriched and expanded service connotation, and established a good social image.It has won the titles of “Autonomous Region Workers Pioneer”, “National Workers Pioneer”, “National May 4th Red Flag Youth League Branch”, “National Youth Civilization” and so on.”I’ve grown a lot and learned a lot riding this train.We will continue to maintain the hard-won achievements, so that the ‘Ethnic Unity One Family’ train will sow the seeds of hope and reap more happiness on the road of ethnic unity and rural revitalization.”Mirban Aiyti, the conductor of The Korla passenger section of China Railway Urumqi Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and the First and special group of Tian, said.Over the past five years, the “Ethnic Unity Family” train has persisted in providing “five hearts” service of “intimate, comfortable, warm, attentive and assured”, adding color to the “ethnic unity Family” and ethnic unity friendship activities in the autonomous region, and becoming a shining name card of Xinjiang Railway.