“Listed companies don’t close for Spring Festival” Songdu Service (HK.9608) : Dress up the park to create a festive atmosphere

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In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, many employees of listed companies chose to stick to their posts during the festival, against the complex background that many places across the country advocate local Chinese New Year due to the epidemic and some industrial chains have strong demands.Securities Times · E company launched the listed companies “Spring Festival does not close” special report, pay tribute to the festival is still struggling in the frontline staff, show the listed companies in the winter of hot work!Securities Times · E company “Listed companies Spring Festival is not closed” special report 34th stop, came to the song Capital service (HK.9608).Songdu Services was founded in 1995 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2021, with its headquarters in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.The company has national first-class property management qualification, standing director unit of China Property Management Association, and ranks 49th among the top 100 Comprehensive strength of China’s property enterprises in 2021.Song Du service adheres to the service concept of “let owners’ families enjoy a beautiful life”, and is committed to providing owners with a safe, clean, beautiful and comfortable working and living environment.Starting from “Caihe Street Gold Medal Butler Property management model at the grassroots level”, the company jointly explores the management and operation mode of the old community with the government, and is committed to becoming one of the top property service and urban management service providers in the Yangtze River Delta region.Years ago, song Du service frontline staff early busy rise.In order to create a happy New Year in the community, peaceful festival atmosphere, the company unified planning, carefully arranged, hanging with traditional characteristics of lanterns, Chinese knot, couplets and so on, dressed up particularly festive, rich flavor of the Year.”Safety is no small matter, prevention is the key”.In order to ensure the safety of the owners during the Spring Festival, songdu service conducted a comprehensive inspection of the park’s power supply and distribution facilities and equipment, water supply facilities and equipment in pumping stations, monitoring systems, elevator operation, fire fighting equipment and inflammable and explosive objects, water pipe Wells, sewage systems and other facilities and equipment before the festival.Songdu service also invited more than 10 teachers from the calligraphy association to write Spring Festival couplets for the owners in the park.”Red red Couplets, thick ink,” came to receive the Spring Festival couplets in an endless stream of owners, the joy on our faces.The word “fu” expresses people’s yearning for a better life, implies auspiciousness and blessings, and is permeated with a happy New Year.In order to create a good atmosphere to welcome the New Year and carry forward the unique charm of traditional culture, song Du service staff with good wishes to the owners, sent the word “fu” into thousands of households.In order to thank all the industry for the song du service has been understanding, support and cooperation, before the property staff carried out free to help the owners to clean the door mat service.Early in the morning, all the staff of the property went to the front, and laid the door mat sent by the owner in order, and carefully washed it with high-pressure water gun.