Kaiyuan Xincheng Street implemented the street chief system to improve the level of urban management

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“We street merchants and residents should take the initiative to participate in the evaluation and selection of street chief, carry forward the spirit of city ownership, together to maintain the image of the street.”Recently, Kaiyuan Xincheng street held the selection and deployment meeting of street and road chief, and selected the public street chief from the volunteers, grid members and street merchants in the way of voluntary registration and open selection, and comprehensively carried out the street and road evaluation work.Last August, Kaiyuan explored the construction of a grassroots social governance system in which residents are deeply involved in “joint construction, joint governance and sharing”, with street and road evaluation as the starting point.Review what?How to review?Who’s than?At present, Kaiyuan comprehensive law enforcement, urban development center, traffic police brigade is the subject of the score, market supervision administration, housing and construction bureau, the area of the police station is evaluated related units.In the street and road evaluation, garbage piled in disorder, broken manhole covers, illegally parked vehicles are given points, and the street leaders, composed of volunteers, grid workers, street merchants and other community residents, give points to each responsible unit according to the problems and solutions.The total score of each responsible unit each month is the final score of the street in which it is located, and the ranking will be publicly announced to the media. The “worst street” with the bottom three scores shall be rectified according to specific problems.To fully promote comparison work ground to carry out the street road, new city streets to jurisdiction the masses “, I have you to create prosperity “initiative, called for the masses to actively participate in the selection, long street road street comparison in this work, urged the merchants actively and consciously maintain the front environment, supervision, in front of the green, transportation, municipal infrastructure are in good condition,For the uncivilized phenomena and behaviors that affect the normal operation of shops and the people’s livelihood service departments, the problems will be timely reported to the street wechat group, and the street leader will be responsible for reporting the problems to the community.At the same time, the majority of merchants are proposed to support and cooperate with the work of street leaders, actively provide relevant information of shops, and jointly build a solid wall of epidemic prevention and control with the community, so as to create a healthy and safe consumption environment for consumers.Residents are invited to participate and evaluate.Street road evaluation, greatly mobilized residents to participate in the enthusiasm.To promote reform through evaluation, we will further promote the change of grassroots cadres’ work style, and the community will benefit from it.”Zhou Yukai, secretary of xincheng Street Party Committee, said that this year, Xincheng Street will continue to promote the “street and road evaluation” in-depth work, mobilize more social forces to participate in, focus on solving the outstanding problems of the people’s concern, so that the management of the streets within the jurisdiction more orderly, cleaner and safer.Source: Tieling People’s Government Huashang Daily reporter Zhao Zengyu editor Xiang Xue correspondent Guo Qingjun