Is Marseille overrated?What to watch for in the key French cup match: Nice VS Marseille

2022-04-28 0 By

Nice present in ligue 1 ranks third in the table, although they lost in the round shock to claremont, but the game they are clearly too lightly, before that, they face a greater on French cup can be strong to win promotion, in ligue 1 them is number 5 in a row, winning streak period averaging can play close to the two goal difference data,Their performance at both ends was impeccable and their third place in the table is well deserved.Marseille this league second ranking is some artificially high, in the last five games, they won two games in the regular time, though they last round victory over Angus three goals, but before a guest Lyon suffered a defeat, cup by montpellier in France into the penalty shoot-out, but five games down they lost a total of six goals, defense is very unstable.Marseille in ligue 1 although positioning is higher than the loch, but nearly two seasons they have faint signs have been nice to surpass, nice at home win against marseille three goals last season, when the first match of the season they also draw the marseille, and they nearly period of time of performance is more stable than marseille, so I think nice to defend at home.Viewpoint: Nice