“Chang ‘an twelve hour” historical prototype big inventory, each episode 45 minutes, the rhythm is bright without delay drama

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“Chang ‘an twelve hour hour”, a set of ancient costume suspense drama that is setting with prosperous Tang dynasty, in modelling, setting respect won’t make you disappointed, can say is the high quality that exceeds expectation!Each episode of the screen has a full sense of the movie, the pace is bright without delay.Each episode lasts about 45 minutes and takes place in half an hour. There are 48 episodes.Because the drama sometimes uses the words and phrases of people in the Tang Dynasty, it takes less time to digest the story, which makes xiaobian resist the urge to make several episodes in a row and (finally) do enough.Moreover, based on history and the creation of costume dramas, it can highlight the role of xiaobian!So today, no wind read with you to introduce the historical prototype of the characters in the play!➡️ ︱ Tianbao (History) Before talking about characters, we should first know the historical background of the story.I believe that what is the reason of “falsifying history to teach the public bad”, many nouns were changed in this play, the first appeared is the year number at that time.The “Tianbao” in the play is “Tianbao”, the third year name of Tang Xuanzong in history.The so-called “Kaiyuan Heyday”, kaiyuan was the second year of Emperor Xuanzong of tang Dynasty, but it was extremely prosperous and declined. Tianbao was like the beginning of the heyday of Tang Dynasty. In the first year of Tianbao, An Lushan was appointed as pinglu governor for three years, And His daughter-in-law Yang Yuhuan was appointed as xuanzong’s imperial concubine.➡️ yan Taizhen Yang Guifei (History) The famous Yang Yuhuan is also a character in the drama. Her name is changed to Yan Yuhuan, also known as Yan Taizhen.In the book of The Old Tang Dynasty, Volume 51, Biography of Concubines written in the later Jin Dynasty, it is not mentioned that Yang Yuhuan was originally a princess of longevity, but only recorded that after the death of Princess Wuhui, someone recommended the beauty Yang Yuhuan to Xuanzong. “When the concubine was dressed as a Taoist priest, her name was Taizhen.” Yang Yuhuan dressed as a Taoist priest, taizhen was the number and met Xuanzong in court.In the northern Song Dynasty, it is mentioned that Yang Yuhuan was originally a princess of life. After xuanzong fell in love with his daughter-in-law, he ordered Yang Yuhuan to become a monk, nicknamed “Taizhen”.After hiring a new princess for his son king Shou, Yang Yuhuan was officially made a princess.Li Bi (History) li Bi (History), one of the leading roles in the drama, is the archetype of Li Bi, prime minister of tang Dynasty.At the age of seven, Li Bi chengwen was well known in Chang ‘an and was on good terms with Emperor Suzong, who was then the crown prince.He worked for the Tang Emperor, but also indulged in Taoism, from time to time to live in seclusion.In the Northern Song Dynasty, “Shizhitongjian · Volume 233” refers to “A wise man who is good at talking about the supernatural life of immortals, so he is the light of the world.””, saying that in the environment of touting Confucianism, the prime minister of the channel is not valued by the world, so we do not know this prime minister after four dynasties.Reference materials: New Book of Tang, Volume 76, The Biography of The Concubines, The Old Book of Tang, Volume 51, the Biography of the Concubines