Xining strengthens food safety during Spring Festival

2022-04-27 0 By

This article from: China market regulation to strengthen food safety supervision work during the holiday, eliminate the food safety problems, ensure the safety of the people’s diet in xining of qinghai province market supervision bureau to carry out food safety campaign during the Spring Festival, from farmers’ markets, shopping malls supermarkets to the people, the table for the whole chain, the whole process of supervision and inspection.Xining in the work of the control of market supervision bureau sent two supervision inspection supervision counties regulators during the festival the food security situation, the possible risks of key areas and crucial links, such as concentrating on food safety supervision, strictly supervise and urge enterprises to carry out the principal responsibility and supervision departments to perform supervisory duties.One is to carry out targeted seasonal food supervision and inspection focusing on meat, aquatic products, wine, dairy products, children’s food, fruit and vegetable juice drinks and cooked meat and marinated products, and take imported cold-chain food, imported fruits in distribution centers and health food of major supermarkets as required items for supervision.The second is to highlight the dining supervision and inspection, focusing on the implementation of collective meals preparation system, from raw material procurement, cleaning and cutting, cooking and processing, special room use, tableware disinfection, food samples and other aspects of the investigation of food safety risks.3 it is to crack down on sales more than warranty or label non-standard make super food, their limited use of food additives, and illegal to add non-food substances and food production and operation process does not conform to the requirements violation behavior, of trying to identify the problems found, the categorized management work mechanism, namely immediately corrective, request immediately corrective, belong to violation behavior,”Zero tolerance” attitude and severe punishment in accordance with the law.Up to now, the inspection team has inspected 4 farmers’ markets, 4 large supermarkets, 11 catering service units, and sampled 32 batches of food and food-related supplies.From on-site inspection, the city’s food safety situation is stable, orderly and positive, but there are also show me rope ticket is not complete, the label is not standard, tableware disinfection and become a mere formality, food store raw cooked in, food retention samples system implementation does not reach the designated position, law enforcement personnel on-site requires all food business units immediately rectification, and distributed to the territorial supervision department overseeing the notice,Urge all county and district market supervision departments to conscientiously perform their duties of local supervision, track the rectification in real time, and report the rectification results on time.