Why is Captain Marvel the best

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In the movie, Captain Marvel’s powers come from the speed of light engine, part of the tesseract’s energy, and when those energies are combined, Captain Marvel becomes a meta-human.In the Captain Marvel movies, one crushes Ronan, the entire Starship Force, and the battlefield is still in space, which many superheroes cannot do by surviving in space alone.Prior to the film’s release, captain Marvel was officially declared “the greatest Avengers hero of all time.”In Avengers 4, he was able to penetrate Thanos’ Temple II using his body, and he was able to fight thanos alone, a battle that would have been decided without the Infinity Stones.And captain Marvel in the comics, Captain Marvel has his own “plug-in”, double star.Captain marvel in the cartoon of the binary state is transformed through the energy of the zerg syringe, they on captain marvel inhuman experiments, captain has surprised a blessing in disguise, broke out more powerful binary form, her strength in the comic book is on the order of god exists, blow can blow a planet, wounding a force sentry with millions of stars.Captain Marvel has enjoyed a lot of special attention since his debut, winning the title of “The Greatest Avenger” since joining the Avengers.Compared to other superheroes, Captain Marvel is very balanced in all aspects of her performance.The shortcomings of other heroes are obvious.Scarlet Witch’s mid – and long-range attacks are ferocious, destroying mind Gems while battling Thanos in Avengers 3.Nearly tore thanos apart in Avengers 4.And when you’re in close combat, you lose a lot of power.Even Quicksilver can only go supersonic, while Captain Marvel can easily reach the speed of light.Captain Marvel can not only unleash beams of light with both hands and attack enemies from a distance, but also stand up to Thanos at close range.