The dragon comes from life, and the dragon blends into life

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As we all know, dragon is composed of lion head, deer horn, shrimp leg, crocodile mouth, turtle neck, snake body, fish scale, clam, fish ridge, tiger palm, eagle claw, golden fish tail and so on. Dragon comes from life.Represents the development process of the integration and growth of the Chinese nation.Dragons can be big and small, rise and disappear.We can often see the existence of dragons in our life.During the Dragon Boat Festival, the emperor lives, wears and uses almost all dragon images.Even the emperor is the son of a dragon.The old buildings were full of dragon shapes inside and out.There are dragons in the carved beams and painted buildings, dragons in the five ridges and six beasts, and even the statues are full of dragon images.There are dragons in stone;There are dragons in the bricks;There are dragons on the wood carvings. I will not introduce them one by one here.In China’s long and glorious traditional culture, the dragon has always been regarded as a sacred and auspicious animal, and we often say that we are “descendants of the dragon”.In fact, the evolution of the dragon is the process of the integration of the Chinese nation.In ancient times, people are ignorant, ignorant of nature, full of awe of nature, to the existence of all kinds of objects are taken to worship.See the sun, because do not understand worship the sun;See fish, because do not understand the worship of fish;They worship snakes because they don’t understand them, and so on.With the emergence of tribes, fetishes became tribal symbols.Later, tribes merged and fused with each other due to various interests, and the idol was also fused. As time passed, the image of the dragon was formed.The cell phone we use today is a phone, a game console, a mirror, a calculator, an MP3 player, a flashlight, a TV and so on all rolled into one.Our current aircraft carrier, aerospace technology and The Beidou Navigation System are the result of high-tech integration.According to legend, the dragon has nine sons, each with his own interests.The first son of the dragon was the child of the dragon and the ox, called the Ox.It likes to be quiet.The second son of the dragon was the son of the dragon and the Wolf, and was called Tit.Tit, very brutal, and often fight with people.The third son of the dragon was bian He who was the child of the dragon and the tiger.Bian He was very faithful.The fourth son of the dragon was suanni, the child of the lion and the dragon.Suanni has a quiet personality and likes fireworks.The fifth son of the dragon is the son of the dragon and the sheep, named Taotie.Taotie is one of the monsters.The sixth son of the dragon was the son of the dragon and clam, named Jiaotu.Paprika is a creature with shells.The seventh son of the Dragon and the turtle was called The Pras 屃.22. People are always happy and slow.The eighth son of the dragon is the son of the dragon’s fish, called chi kiss.Chi kiss likes to swallow fire.The ninth son of the dragon was the child of the dragon and hubao, named PI Xiu.Brave very like gold and silver treasure.Cow, Wolf, tiger, lion, sheep, clam, turtle, fish, tiger and leopard represent all kinds of animals that human beings have come into contact with.The ancients regarded nine as their respect and thought it meant much.The dragon does not happen to have nine children.It stands for numberless.Quietness, cruelty, justice and greed for money are all characteristics of man.So the dragon came back into life