Shanghai strong and deep weak pattern continues, attention chonggao fall!Second shock bottom will be a better opportunity?

2022-04-27 0 By

Today’s market trend is basically in line with expectations, in which The Shanghai Index continued to rebound, closed up slightly, chuangzhi turned weak again, continued low.The divergence of the three major stock indexes continued, and the pattern of shenzhen strengthening and Shanghai weakening continued.On the disk, infrastructure is active again, insurance and other financial aspects also assist the Shanghai index to rise, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, airport, tourism, hotels and restaurants, and other industries under the better expected support of the epidemic to improve the direction of the industry marginal attention by the capital, the market style switch is obvious.Track stocks continue to fall heavily, CRO, power equipment, COVID-19 treatment and other plates led by the two cities.By the end of the close, the plate rose less fell more, more than 2500 stocks fell, up more than 50 stocks, down 14;Market strength has weakened significantly.The volume of yesterday’s small volume, but the overall volume of the downturn is still an important factor restricting the market.: The net inflow of northbound funds was 4.52 billion yuan, of which 5.271 billion yuan was bought through Shanghai stock Connect and 750 million yuan was outflow through Shenzhen Stock Connect.The funds were mainly invested in pork, seed industry, water conservancy infrastructure and rural revitalization.: The recent pattern of Shanghai strength and Shenzhen weakness in the market continues to deduce, which is in fact the side confirmation of the style switch.Technology was slightly stronger yesterday, subject stocks have been repaired, today again differentiated, infrastructure, financial and other low valuation direction is active again, become the main line of the market.The continuous strengthening of the low-valuation sector is also an inevitable trend supported by the macro policy, in which the large infrastructure hedge the downward pressure of the economy in the first half of the year, and the advantage of low valuation is further highlighted, becoming the focus of market funds.And the innovation point, has not completely stopped falling, there is still room for adjustment, last year’s high valuation track continues to weaken, Ningde era dropped, new energy continues to weaken, photovoltaic with falling, CRO intraday decline drag on the innovation point.Driven by style, valuation advantage makes judgment, low valuation infrastructure and finance become havens.Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the short-term continuous rise of Shanghai Index, basically will maintain a rise of about 5K cycle, but the recent rise behind the contraction is a continuous hidden danger.Secondly, around 3500 will be an important counter pressure area of the rebound, tomorrow high attention to fall, the subsequent Shanghai Index will have a high probability of stepping back consolidation action, and the creation of the index will continue to maintain the shock to find the bottom action.From the plate rotation, attention to the central no. 1 document is about to be released, for rural revitalization, seed industry, agricultural machinery and other directions latent, may become the focus of market funds next week.The main direction of low valuation of infrastructure finance is still the focus.In short, the short-term cautious Shanghai stock index fell, but after the big drop before the year, the market risk was basically cleared and released, with the external market to stop falling and stabilize and the Federal Reserve interest rate hike is expected to digest, A share own risk has been released, multiple factors superimposed, gradually into the shock bottom area.As the holiday effect fades, new incremental funds come in, the spring market in the year of the Tiger will gradually unfold, and actively pay attention to the low valuation of infrastructure, financial and other related direction opportunities.The bottom structure is clear, the volume of stagflation, the structure of the obvious high prosperity plate stocks to maintain enough patience, and with the volume of the signal, trading level must be active, grasp the spring market.I am the northwest Wolf, original first opinion, thank you for watching after the likes of attention and support…The stock market has the risk, the investment needs the caution!