Ninety-one medical institutions in Beijing opened 95 pop-ups for compulsory personnel testing

2022-04-27 0 By

At the 280th press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Beijing on January 30, Li Ang, deputy director and spokesperson of the Municipal Health Commission, said 91 medical institutions in The city have opened 95 pop-up Windows for mandatory personnel testing.Among them, 1 in dongcheng district, xicheng district 5, 5, chaoyang district, haidian district 4, 3, fengtai district, the shijingshan district 1, mentougou district 2, fangshan district 2, 12, tongzhou district shunyi district 25, changping district 6, daxing district 2, pinggu district 22, huairou district 2, miyun area 1, yanqing district 1, by the open area 1.Source: Beijing daily client | reporter NiuWeiKun intern reporter He Rui process editor: U022