In 2022, our south turned spring into winter. Why?

2022-04-27 0 By

Everybody is good!I am hunan sister Hong Hong, from Yongzhou, Hunan province.Since our Hunan New Year’s Eve, until now the temperature has never exceeded 10 degrees, especially after the beginning of spring on the fourth day of the first lunar month, I thought the spring temperature would be higher and higher, but I know this damn weather is getting colder and colder, turning a spring into winter.Last year, it was hot from summer to Start of winter. All of a sudden, a strong wind blew hunan into winter, and autumn was lost.However, this spring in Hunan is colder than winter. As in previous years, people in the countryside have dug up the soil, and some of their pepper seedlings and eggplant seedlings have been transplanted.You look at our hunan this time the fields are lifeless, the water in the fields are still yellow, not even a bird, the north wind blowing cold hands and faces.Why is it so cold in our south this spring?Someone said that there was a volcano in Tongjia, and the ash blocked the sun’s rays. That’s why it was so cold in spring.(Thank you for reading. Am I right?)