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Last year’s lantern fair, the main venue in my doorstep, is in humin Road, Qishen road and Xinjian road intersection.It was a mouth full of fire and silver flowers, and everything was brilliant.On both sides of the road to the east, red lanterns, at the scale of five per tree, soar into a huge red dragon.Hold up the smiling face of joy, set up the bridge of joy.So, I silently looking forward to, looking forward to the year of the tiger lamp will be more brilliant.In the door to enjoy the yuyuan festival comparable to the bustling streets, brilliant lights of the New Year xinzhuang lantern will be held on time, the official announcement has been announced.This is really a good news, finally let me at the door to enjoy the yuyuan Lantern Festival comparable to the bustling streets, brilliant lights.But there was even better news!That is home to build jiamin line.Since the first half of last year, a large section on the southeast side of the intersection has been fenced off.The greenery is removed and the shops are dismantled;The truck pulls in, the pylon lifts.Without much effort, it was arranged into a large cement site.A groundbreaking ceremony was held on June 28.Prime real estate for the Lantern Festival became a construction site.Generally speaking, here is the most prosperous section of Xinzhuang, xinzhuang old town is the core area.If this is no longer the main venue, where will the main venue be?Where will the main venue of this year’s Xinzhuang Lantern Fair be?In previous years, the main venue was concentrated in the Central Park of Xincheng in the south square of metro.Due to epidemic prevention needs, but also in order to better benefit the masses, last year’s Lantern Festival changed the practice of centralized meeting, in xinzhuang old town to set up the main venue, in the southeast and northwest of the sub-venue.There are scenic spots with lights everywhere.So, I secretly thought about it.Seriously, I was hoping it would be in the same spot as last year.On second thought, no.The year of the Tiger will be held from January 30, 2018 to February 16, 2022. The lights will be on from 18:00-20:30 every day and will end on February 17. The main venue for this year will be located in the Xinzhuang Business District.This year in the Xinzhuang business district!It’s a great idea. It’s the perfect place.Not to mention here has been xinzhuang regional economic development center, not to mention in recent years here stands tall buildings, on the spring shen Lake here, known as minhang local West Lake.The surrounding buildings form a beautiful skyline, playing frozen music under the reflection of the sparkling water;It adjoins qibao south, jiuting east, under the greeting of line 12, formed a recreational culture travel line in all directions.The main venue’s service scope has greatly exceeded xinzhuang residents, it faces the surrounding, facing the whole Of Shanghai.Xinzhuang Lantern Festival or has become Shanghai only yu Garden Lantern Festival brand activities.Chunshen Lake Square, hello!Gengzi New Year, the outbreak of the epidemic.When the park is closed, you are the best place for me to exercise every morning.Chunshen Lake Square, hello!One hundred years after the founding of the Party, Set sail shen Road.I was a loyal spectator in your crowd that night at the festival of sound and light.On the first day of the New Year, I had an early dinner and hurried to the bank of Chunshen Lake from Qishen Road.Go west along Leann Road.Written by calligrapher Zhou Tongyao, the four eye-catching characters of “Xinzhuang Lantern Fair” shine brightly under the night sky.Street trees, dense layers of red lanterns floating welcome tassels.On the north side of the sidewalk, xinzhuang mascot “Xinbao” open happy arms.On the south side of the sidewalk, the mascot “Meng Tiger” smiles in welcome.Xinzhuang mascot “Xinbao” and Renyin mascot “Meng Tiger” chunshen Lake, the building light show, the theme of the lantern show, I unexpectedly can not think of what colorful words to express.Colorful, dazzling, gorgeous, overwhelming…I can’t seem to get it right.A dazzling laser in yong jump dragon carp shuttle, a gust of harsh cold wind in the swing tail rolling dragon.”I love Xinzhuang” large picture reflect on the huge wall of the building, this is our xinzhuang people warm modest and dignified atmosphere.The word “riring and strong,” cascades in red on the screen of the building, expressing its strong and unwavering spirit.Xinzhuang town under dazzling lights, in the big garden of the motherland, flowers blooming like a piece of brocade.With the completion of jiamin line, she will connect Shanghai more conveniently and serve China.Microwave rippling Chunshen Lake, in the new wave of development, surging waves.She will accompany the development of minhang city, more set up the original responsibility, the mission.Chunshen Lake, each beauty of its beauty, the United States and the United States.Do you feel it?Author: Yang Keyuan editor: Cui Songge reprint please indicate from today’s minhang official wechat