Bilingual inquiry platform line information!Volunteers to develop winter Olympics shuttle bus query small procedures

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There are more than 40 shuttle bus routes connecting the main media Center of The Beijing Winter Olympic Games with all competition areas, closed loop hotels and venues, and nearly 2,000 shuttle buses have stopped. The shuttle bus information will be updated daily according to the schedule of each venue.How to efficiently and clearly provide accurate information to the consulting personnel is a big problem for the traffic guidance volunteers.Li Siyang, a senior majoring in chemistry at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, volunteered for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, guiding media and venue staff at the main media center of the Beijing Winter Olympics.He integrated the mass bus information and developed the “bus query mini program” to provide traffic guidance services more quickly and accurately for those who need it.After working in the main media center, Li Siyang had an idea to develop a small wechat program for information retrieval in the face of massive bus data and daily consulting demands.Taking advantage of the rest time of changing posts, this chemistry major student began to explore with the C language foundation he had learned in class.Because the development of wechat small program needs to use JavaScript language, he learned while doing, to make the first “test product” version can check the specific timetable through the bus number, “made this first step, I know, this’ thing ‘works!”Every day after receiving the venue information, li Siyang’s first thing is to update and maintain the schedule data in the mini program, and constantly optimize and expand the functions of the mini program according to the “needs” put forward by other volunteers.From the original version 1.0, which only had the number retrieval function, to the version 4.0, which integrated the Chinese-English conversion, platform diagram, race schedule information and other functions, gradually, the small program was promoted in the volunteer group of traffic guidance, “the small program in hand, the guide more confident.”As long as there are buses, there are traffic volunteers.Li Siyang said that every day, the first post of traffic volunteers will arrive at 5:30 in the morning, because the service post is outdoors, the weather is cold and windy, the conditions are relatively difficult.But it was also in their posts that they witnessed every moment of the Winter Olympics in Beijing.