Wang Yibo congratulated Li Mengwen for winning the gold medal, and many of his songs sounded in the field of the Winter Olympics!

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Introduction: The women’s football team won the championship, did not expect Li Mengwen is a fan of UNIQ Wang Yibo, as expected excellent people attract each other!Women’s soccer win, inspiring, inspiring!We need say no more about this!But behind the scenes of the game, we also saw Li Mengwen as a fan of Wang Yibo, which made us realize the infinite energy brought by star chasing!On February 7, Li mengwen posted a post to celebrate the women’s soccer team’s victory. At the same time, she did not forget to celebrate her signing in Wang Yibo’s super talk, which made up exactly 805 days.Their happy expression, too coincidence, just stuck in 805, this number a lot of people like Wang Yibo know, 85 is wang Yibo’s number on behalf of the birthday is August 5, the motorcycle is 85!As expected, this is a special fate, but also a string of lucky numbers.More did not think, in such an important day, Wang Yibo in Li Mengwen’s blog under the message, and sent their own blessing!Message: “High five!Sports girl is so cool, congratulations!Great!”After this reply, Li Mengwen responded happily to Wang Yibo, expressing her gratitude to Wang Yibo and his fans for bringing her unlimited positive energy and support!The real realization of the fans and idol two-way rush, this is the entertainment circle and the appearance of the star!Give each other enough power and energy, let each other in their respective fields, shine, realize self-value!In addition, it is not difficult to find a particularly interesting phenomenon, during the Beijing Winter Olympics, Although Wang Yibo did not appear, he always has his presence.First of all, the apparel sponsor of the Winter Olympics is Anta. Bing Dwen dwen’s hat is very popular, and the down jacket is more eye-catching.As the spokesperson, Wang Yibo frequently appeared in various promotional videos.There was even a joke saying that many people thought Wang participated in the Winter Olympics as an athlete.Secondly, Wang Yibo’s songs also frequently appeared in the Winter Olympic Games, full of vitality and dynamic rhythm.The song “justdance” by wang yibo is really suitable for the winter Olympics. After “no feeling”, wang yibo’s song appears again, so can I look forward to the next song?Wang Yibo in the entertainment circle, it can be said that has a super talent for sports an artist, a lot of people say, completely with the characteristics of athletes, unyielding, dare to fight, the pursuit of higher, faster, stronger sportsmanship.At the same time, as the slash youth Wang Yibo, is indeed a genuine athlete, professional motorcycle racer.Style is inseparable, Wang Yibo is in the promotion of sports, played a very important role.First, as the ambassador of the Cultural promotion of the Winter Olympic Games, he sang the song of the Winter Olympic Games “The Covenant of Winter Dream”. He also became the ambassador of the promotion of ice and snow sports, the Ambassador of the Promotion of Chinese skiing, and the ambassador of the promotion of Chinese skateboarding sports.Wang Yibo did not waste their flow dividend, but also their influence to the extreme.More traffic into positive energy, so that his fans benefit, but also let more passers-by have more understanding of his understanding, improve the national degree.Through the interaction between Wang Yibo and Li Mengwen, we can see a new entertainment, fans and idols still look like, each other shine in their own fields, become a better themselves, this is more important.# Wang Yibo cheers for the women’s football team, Li Mengwen responded online, fans and idols rushed to the winter Olympics stadium played Wang Yibo’s indifference, the song and match match was pulled full!