In 2012, a man faked official seals to defraud a hospital of 170,000 yuan. After people learned the truth, they donated money to pay him back

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In 2012, the Dongcheng District People’s Court in Beijing tried a fraud case that sparked heated debate across the country.The suspect defrauded the hospital of 172,000 yuan of medical expenses by secretly carving official seals and forging charging documents.Strangely, instead of standing on the moral high ground to condemn the criminal’s evil deeds, the public has shown sympathy for him, and quite a few are even willing to pay their own money to send him money back!What was even more shocking was that some strangers who did not know him spontaneously organized themselves to go to the court and formed a long line to plead for his mercy.The man who became the focus of social attention was Liao Dan.The story behind his crimes has been called the most poignant “Beijing love story”.Liao Dan and his wife Du Jinling broke the law and sang his praises, which makes people wonder what happened to Liao Dan?And what did the court decide?Liao Dan is an old Beijinger, but not all people with Beijing hukou are rich.When Liao Dan was only four years old, his parents divorced for various reasons and went their separate ways.And Liao Dan became a veritable “left-behind child”, living with his grandparents since childhood.As his grandparents grew older and older and his parents ignored him, Liao Dan acquired a sense of responsibility that ordinary people did not have when he was young.In order to reduce the burden of the two elderly people, he dropped out of junior high school and began to support his family.Instead of leaving the elderly to work outside, he worked as an apprentice at an internal combustion airport near his home.Monthly salary is 300 yuan, although the family life is tight, but there is no lack of happiness in the plain.As time went by, Liao Dan soon reached the age of marriage.At the age of 25, he was introduced to a girl named Du Jinling from Hebei province.Du Jinling, who works in Beijing, doesn’t have too many requirements for a partner, as long as they are honest.And Liao Dan, is very consistent with the image of an honest man.Soon, after a year together, the couple married in 1998.Marriage certificate when they got married, Liao Dan did not give Du Jinling any betrothal gift due to poor family circumstances, nor did he have any wedding house. After a simple whitewashing, the original house became a new house for the couple.In 2000, the birth of a son, in addition to the joy, also added a lot of and inevitable burden to the family, which was already not rich.In the same year, liao Dan’s internal combustion engine factory went bankrupt because of poor efficiency.At the age of 27, Liao was “laid off”.The family’s life was suddenly in trouble.But, the month just out of Du Jinling went out to work, and after the unemployment of Liao Dan also want to go out to find a job.But the newborn son no one to take care of, grandparents in poor health also need to be taken care of.It’s better to take care of yourself than pay someone to take care of you.In this way, Liao Dan’s family began the “female outside, male inside” life.Du jinling found a job in a beauty salon that paid well, though it was a bit far from home.The family is very content, flat light days are also full of laughter.With the support of national policies, in 2002, the three members of the family began to receive subsistence allowances at liulitun Sub-district office in Chaoyang District, Beijing, where Liao Dan’s household registration was registered.Liao Dan and his wife were heartbroken when his grandparents died one after another in 2003, the year after receiving the allowance.Her aunt thanked the couple for taking care of her for so many years and gave Liao 100,000 yuan.He took his wife and children to Lang Xinzhuang village outside the Fifth Ring Road and bought a small property of 50 square meters.Because the new house is farther away from the city center, Du jinling has to get up from dawn to dusk every day and often offers to work overtime in order to continue working at the salon.In order to earn more money, weekdays are not willing to rest, go out to do hourly work for people.Du jinling’s salary is the family’s main source of income.Looking at his wife’s fatigue, Liao Dan saw the pain in his eyes and in his heart.In addition to taking care of his son, he bought a second-hand electric tricycle and runs unlicensed cars on the streets every day.Even if the income is not great, it will help the family a little bit.His wife was sick, he was having a hard time and things seemed to be going well, but there was always a chance.One day in the second half of 2007, Du jinling’s body became abnormal, with local swelling accompanied by midnight cramps.At first both husband and wife did not care too much, thought it was just the recent body load is too big, overworked.The clinic near my home prescribed some anti-inflammatory medicine, thinking it would be better after two days.Can not expect, several days in a row past, Du Jinling situation not only did not improve, even more serious.The swelling was getting bigger, and there was vomiting and fainting.At this time liao Dan realized the seriousness of the problem, he forced his wife to go to the city hospital with him.Waiting for the results of the examination outside, Du Jinling is still comforting her husband a small problem, do not worry.But the inspection results like a bolt from the blue, Liao Dan feet such as a thousand jins heavy, even the words are not smooth.Du Jinling was suffering from uremia!The doctor gave the couple advice: the disease can not be cured by drugs, the best medical treatment is to replace the kidney.The first step is to find a suitable kidney source, and then it is a large amount of surgery costs, good conditions for a new kidney.No money can only do dialysis, this method can not cure, can only maintain life.When liao Dan heard the doctor’s answer, he felt that the sky had fallen down.The dialysis three times a month and the medical expenses of nearly 5,000 yuan a month seemed to weigh heavily on Liao Dan.Fortunately, with the support of the government, after understanding the difficulties of Liao Dan’s family, the Liulitun Sub-district office gave the maximum assistance within the scope of the policy.”The current standard of subsistence allowance in Beijing is 520 yuan, with a coefficient of 1.05 for Liao Dan and Du Jinling and a coefficient of 1.1 for their children.The monthly subsistence allowance for the three people is 1,784 yuan.”Although various government departments have taken good care of Liao Dan’s family, the subsistence allowance is no doubt a drop in the bucket for the high monthly dialysis costs.Subsistence allowance some people will say, urban and rural medical insurance.It is true that medical insurance covers 85 percent of the cost of treatment, but only Liao has a Beijing hukou, while Du has a rural hukou in Hebei province.At that time, the requirement was 45 years of age, 10 years of marriage and property ownership.Only three conditions are met.Du will be able to transfer his hukou to Beijing for medical insurance.The couple also thought about going back to his wife’s hometown in Hebei province to participate in the new rural cooperative medical system, and then getting local treatment, but the cycle was long and the procedures were long, the people suffering from the disease could not afford to suffer, and the medical conditions were not perfect.Besides, my son is still at school and needs to be taken care of, so this method has not been implemented.Later, the government extended a helping hand again, and the staff of Liulitun street, where Liao Dan had his domicile, provided Du Jinling with a medical subsidy for serious diseases of urban and rural extremely poor people.According to the standards of the time, they could enjoy 50% reimbursement.But that’s not enough to sustain life-saving kidney dialysis.Not only that, Liao Dan’s own body also had problems, diabetes made his right foot ulcerated, the slightest mistake is also facing the risk of amputation.Soon, all the family’s savings were spent after half a year of treatment, and Liao also borrowed all the family members and friends.Once hemodialysis starts, the treatment cost is a bottomless pit, once the halfway stop, the patient will have to worry about life.Often think of, the hall of seven feet man Liao Dan will cry, he hated himself powerless.Everything can be delayed, but illness can not delay.Every time the hospital issued a reminder, Liao Dan was anxious and helpless.One day he hit upon a solution, but it was this solution that set him on the path of no return.Liao Dan found that every time after he paid the dialysis fee, the dialysis staff never looked at the bill of payment, as long as they looked at whether there was an official seal on the dialysis bill, they did not ask any more questions.The official seal on the dialysis sheet found this situation, Liao Dan started to think crooked.When he saw the posters with fake stamps on the poles and walls of the street, he took one off and called the phone below.The fake card dealer said no problem.Liao Dan immediately sent the copy of the charge receipt, 100 yuan for two hours.In this way, Liao Dan easily got the hospital’s false charge official seal.Liao Dan find someone to carve a false chapter with lucky psychology, Liao Dan to blank dialysis sheet covered a false chapter.At first it was a trial run, and if the hospital staff said there was something wrong with the chapter, he dismissed it.But the staff took this piece of paper with false seal, did not discover flaws!After discovering the loophole in the hospital, Liao Dan seemed to seize the straw to save his wife.Once, twice, three times later, Liao Dan became bolder and bolder, and fluke seemed to become a habit.During this period, the hospital also changed its seals. Liao Dan, who was alert, carved a total of four seals, which lasted for four years.And in four years, not once!Du Jinling was also very puzzled, she knew everything about her home, know is already destitute.Oneself do dialysis these three or four years, money more or less also used tens of thousands of.When it was time to pay the fee, her husband turned around and assured her that he would borrow the money.But relatives in the home can not borrow so many times, so much money to them, that tens of thousands of how to come?Du Jinling asked Liao Dan carefully where the money came from. Liao Dan looked at his wife significantly, “Don’t take care of it. I’ll show you how I see it.See her husband now for their own running around, Du Jinling was very guilty.Since the husband does not want to say more, then no further questioning.For a long time, Liao Dan was trying to make money.However, he only had a junior high school education, and no factory was willing to hire him because his wife could not do the whole work due to long-term medical treatment.In this way, Liao Dan still drives her electric tricycle to subsidize the household expenses and uses a fake stamp to help his wife do dialysis.At the end of 2011, Liao Dan saw a news report on TV saying that since January 2012, Beijing has increased assistance to subsistence allowance recipients. The upper limit of medical assistance for serious diseases has been raised to 80,000 yuan, and the reimbursement rate has been raised from 50% to 60%.I haven’t used a fake stamp on my wife’s dialysis account since January.”I thought, no, that’s about it.Originally reimburse less point, now more got.””I thought, sooner or later, it would come to something.”But what he didn’t expect was that the Beijing hospital had discovered the problem three months earlier during a system upgrade.The outpatient department, the financial department and the office should all be connected to the Internet. When checking the bill, we found the loophole of Liao Dan’s payment.In four years, he evaded a total of 172,000 yuan in medical expenses through fake stamps.Liu Xiuqin, deputy party secretary of the Beijing Hospital, was called to the police by hospital officials.But even after discovering that Liao Dan and his wife used fake stamps to evade the fee, the hospital did not point out the situation.During the three months of the police investigation, the hospital continued to give Du dialysis.And for those three months, they weren’t included in the money.”Because his family was relatively poor, he did have certain difficulties.And to preserve his dignity, not to disturb him.And considering his lover’s health, it is not good.””In this case, we should not push it out to the society, or it might be lost.”After the incident, Liao was brought back to the police station.Until then, Du Jinling found that four years, her husband was reluctant to open the source of treatment was because of the law.At that point, she wanted to give up.She felt awkward when the story got out.But to my surprise, no matter the doctors, nurses or patients, even the neighbors and friends around did not mention this matter.Liao Dan is not afraid of prison after being caught, but afraid of his wife and son how to live?And know after Du Jinling is not afraid of broken treatment, but afraid of her husband in prison and son to go to school no one to take care of.On July 11, 2012, Liao Dan’s trial of design fraud was held in Beijing Dongcheng Court.Liao has confessed to the charges.He was later released on bail.The story of fake official seal true love has attracted wide attention and received a lot of help after being reported by the media.Some netizens came to Liao Dan’s home to cheer him on.Someone else sent $35,000 in cash.After obtaining the consent of the caring personage, Liao Dan immediately sent the money to the court as a return of stolen goods.Chen Lihao, a private entrepreneur in Zhuhai, donated 172,000 yuan to Liao’s family through a media platform, offering to help him return the money and leave the rest for his family’s living expenses.July 16, five days after the first trial began.Liao went to the court and returned all the money.But even if all the money was returned, liao Dan’s crime still exists.The law is not lenient, he will be sentenced to three to 10 years in prison.If he is sentenced to less than three years in prison, he will have a chance to get probation. If he is sentenced to more than three years in prison, He must serve time.News of the rescue spread quickly, and netizens rallied to raise 500,000 yuan for Du.The donation was handed over to a fund management committee, which made regular payments to the hospital.All for du jinling’s treatment for the next 10 years.Seeing the help from strange faces in all directions, Liao Dan burst into tears and expressed his gratitude.His only hope now is that the court will give him a reprieve.Then he would definitely get a proper job and fulfill the duties of a father and husband.Will the law be swayed by public opinion to render a fair judgment?On December 7, 2012, The Dongcheng District Court of Beijing sentenced Liao Dan to 3 years imprisonment for fraud, suspended for 4 years and fined 3,000 yuan.In the face of the goodwill given by the people of the country and the court, Du Jinling said in front of the camera that she would live to 60 or 70, otherwise sorry everyone.Four years later, at 3 am on May 16, 2016, Liao found that his wife had defecated incontinence.She died of a heart attack caused by uremia an hour later.There are many migrants and migrant workers who cannot enjoy health insurance due to household registration problems like Du jinling.Because there are considerable differences in the medical insurance system, the situation of expensive and difficult medical treatment can be found everywhere, otherwise liao Dan would not have such behavior.But in any case, it is not advisable to test the law by example.Every day in the future we need to take care of the body, a good life, love themselves is love family.