Hanyu Yuanyu, with their own interpretation of what is never give up!

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It is a name that moves the world.First of all, sports have no borders. We only talk about sports, not politics.In fact, even when it comes to politics, I don’t think hanyu has anything to complain about.He is a Japanese player who bows 90 degrees to the Chinese flag. He is a Japanese player who writes “I love China” in Chinese with his own hands. He is a Japanese player who sends high hopes and praises to The Chinese players.Yuzuru Hanyu is touching because of his respect for figure skating.The kind of love and respect that is life.At the end of each skate, he kisses the ice, leaving his love and respect behind.In many ways, ikebana became hanyu and brought him glory.But on another level, Yuzuru Hanyu uses his life to explain what “flower skating” is. He uses pain and tenacity to provide us with a beautiful visual feast.Let’s understand the meaning of “figure skating”.Yuzuru hanyu’s performance is over, but he will continue to work hard, because for Yuzuru Hanyu, he is pursuing the true meaning of “figure skating” with his life.For Yuzuru Hanyu, there is no end, only the beginning.For yellow duck, there is no “best”, only “better”, we will be like Hanyu Yuzuru, always work hard, just to make themselves satisfied.