Good news!Basic pensions for urban and rural residents in Hainan were raised, benefiting 796,000 people

2022-04-26 0 By

Tan Qi: According to the provincial Social Security Center, the basic pension standard for urban and rural residents in Hainan has been raised in 2022, benefiting 796,000 urban and rural elderly people in the province.After the bid adjustment, the monthly per capita basic pension of urban and rural residents reached 199 yuan, an increase of 5.35 yuan from the previous year and an increase of 144 yuan from 2010 when the system was put into effect. The annual payment of basic pension for urban and rural residents in the whole province increased by about 51.78 million yuan.”Since 2020, Hainan has established a mechanism for determining pension benefits and adjusting basic pension for urban and rural residents. In the past three years, the monthly per capita local basic pension has been raised by about 16 yuan, raising the security level of the old-age insurance system for urban and rural residents, and improving the basic life of the elderly in urban and rural areas.”Provincial social security center related person in charge of the introduction, at present the province of each city and county agencies have completed this year’s bid adjustment task, the full amount of urban and rural residents that month pension and reissue January balance part.Provincial social security center reminds, the personnel that did not get resident pension in the near future, can seek advice to service network of basic level agency to get qualification attestation of treatment to be overdue invalid, after overdue invalid fill attestation, social security agency orgnaization will restore and fill issue pension.Editor: Yu Yue Content review: Xiao Jingjing Duty director: Ye Jian Nanhai net video number popular recommendation & GT;> Nanhai network, opening soon!The taklimakan Desert has built a railway ring around the taklimakan Desert