Emergency stop, refund!

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“Top flow” ice pier pier in recent days continue to cause hot debate, local factories are working overtime production, but the franchised stores are still “a pier.”Reporters learned that part of the public to participate in the Wechat solitaire group purchase has also been suspended, individual head has started the refund process, the reason is: may have to bear legal responsibility.Yesterday afternoon, the group purchase wechat group of Ms. Wu, a citizen, suddenly released the news of the refund of The Group purchase of Bingdoundun. Before that, the link of bingdoundun ornaments pre-sold by Solilong has been deleted by the group solilong official.The head said that although the pre-sale of ice pier decoration is to the authorized manufacturers to order the genuine price, but qunsolilong platform is not licensed sales channels, so it was officially removed from the shelves, other pre-sale products do not make adjustments.Group notice mentioned, this decoration a total of about 17,000 pre-sale, a total of about 2 million yuan, because of the order volume, the amount is large, will be ordered in batches according to the time of refund.Bing Dun dun ornaments were first required to take off the shelves for a refund, other related peripheral products have also been affected to varying degrees.Usually has been participating in group buying, occasionally when the head of the small Yang told reporters that she had participated in a number of ice pier pier group buying solitar has indeed been “one knife cut”, buyers can no longer “get on the car”, but did not receive the termination of the transaction and refund news.”The leader of the group can still see the message of purchase registration in the background. If there is no refund, he can still deliver the goods to the group members who have already placed orders.”Small Yang understand that some of delegation might be purchasing channels through related production to quality goods, but the Beijing Olympics merchandise online sales channels only Tmall flagship store, so just can have this storm, “of course, I also saw many obvious are the real thing, some say it’s” 3 d printing edition “, some even directly indicate the ‘yiwu delivery.”From the results of the interview, whether it is a “pot of pot” direct refund, or “cut a knife” to stop continuing the dragon, the goal of each platform is very clear: stop.The reason is simple — such sales are actually illegal.When I interviewed a licensed retail store in the Exchange center of Shanghai University of Sport this week, a staff member said that the licensed store must pay a certain licensing fee to the Organizing committee for the Winter Olympics so that products made by licensed manufacturers can be sold in the store.Even so, the current inventory will give priority to the supply of Beijing Olympic Village and Gongmei flagship store, so the true extent of many so-called “spot” and “advance shipment” needs to be verified.Article 10 of the Regulations on the Protection of The Olympic Symbols points out that those who have obtained the permission of the right owner of the Olympic symbols to use the Olympic symbols for commercial purposes shall conclude a license contract with the right owner of the Olympic symbols.The holder of the right of the Olympic symbols shall disclose in a timely manner the types, licensees, commodities or services permitted to be used, time limit and geographical scope of the Olympic symbols.The licensee shall use the Olympic signs within the scope of the types of Olympic signs, the commodities or services permitted to be used, the time limit and the region as agreed in the licensing contract.At the bottom of the website of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee, there is a column titled “Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Franchise Plan”, which lists the official online store of licensed products, as well as the information of licensed enterprises and retail stores.It is needless to say that illegal vendors produce and sell fake goods, and authorized manufacturers can not sell licensed goods to unauthorized stores and individuals privately, unauthorized stores and individuals even if they obtained the goods produced by formal authorized manufacturers, and then sell them outside, it is also illegal.These days we can also clearly see that with the continuous high temperature of the ice pier pier, the relevant departments are also constantly sending force, heavy fist attack.First, Beijing police seized a large number of bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong dolls from the hands of the three criminals and detained them according to law. Meanwhile, the three “scalpers” were given severe administrative punishment.On the 9th, Zhejiang Jinhua Dongyang City market supervision administration also stacked in a company production workshop has “ice dun dun” specifications 30cm number 77, specifications 50cm number 7, and “snow rong Rong” semi-finished 1000 pieces, products through Yiwu day supplies Co., Ltd. and other channels sales.At present, the party has been arrested.Ice pier pier production, sales process, are more guarded more firmly, more close more tight.So, friends or patience to wait a little longer, occasionally bag ice dun dun tang yuan to solve the greedy.After a month at most, the wish of “answer pier do pier” will certainly come true!Article content such as copyright infringement and other problems please contact this number we will deal with in a timely manner