A boy plays with fireworks in his bedroom in Wuhu, Anhui Province.

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A boy plays with fireworks in his bedroom during the Spring Festival in Wuhu, Anhui Province. Sparks fall on his quilt. The boy covers the hole that burns through the quilt and leaves.Firefighters rushed to extinguish the blaze, but the beds were blackened and no further damage was caused.Tip: Keep away from combustible materials when setting off fireworks. Do not set off fireworks indoors.This is the second child room shooting this year, it was not long ago a child, suqian because firecrackers rope above is unable to solve, the little boy thought with the lighter to boil, but directly to the firecrackers lit, consequence was heard dad fat beat, time is very similar, the two children will almost certainly be his parents, but now that it has happened,It doesn’t help that the parents are not telling their children clearly.And children installed in the room monitoring, children in the home fireworks, that the family is certainly not at home, only children, usually education must be missing.And do not say that the child IQ problem, I do not believe that you did not do a few outrageous things, this is not a matter of common sense, is that the child has not completely established a complete sense of safety, these are to the guidance of parents.Parents should also pay attention to guide children’s safety awareness of fire safety and let children understand the harm of fire, so that children can not only make fewer mistakes, but also let children know more about fire prevention, fire fighting, escape and other common sense of life, which helps them to deal with the fire correctly.What do you think, please pay attention to the comments, thank you!