Yuanxiao?Dumplings?15 January limited edition high sugar bomb, which one do you like best?

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Review expert: Wang Guo-yi postdoctoral fellow in Nutrition and Food Safety, China Agricultural University.More blown, stars such as rain.BMW carved car fragrance full road.The sound of the flute moves, the jade pot turns, and the fish and dragon dance all night.Gold thread of moth and willow.The laughter is fragrant.looking for him for thousand times in the crowdSuddenly look back, that person is in, lights dim.As a traditional Chinese festival, as early as 2,000 years ago in the Western Han Dynasty, the ancients had begun to celebrate the Lantern Festival.The Lantern Festival is also called Yuan Xi, Yuan Night or Shangyuan Festival, because it is the first full moon night of the New Year.Have eat yuanxiao, or tangyuan customs on the Lantern Festival day, the earliest recorded in the song dynasty, in the flat garden continue to draft, at the age of “wide”, etc in the literature are recorded, then called yuanxiao “floating mariko”, “mariko”, “lactose atoms” and “yuan”, because the Lantern Festival will eat “mariko” kind of snacks, so people will use yuanxiao, give it a name.What’s the difference between yuanxiao and tangyuan?Now we have a clear distinction between yuanxiao and tangyuan.But in ancient times, the distinction between yuanxiao and tangyuan was not so clear.For example, In the Ming Dynasty, Liu Ruoyu’s “drinking in the annals · Diet is still ji Lue” records: Yuanxiao “the method of making glutinous rice flour, with walnuts, sugar for fruit filling, sprinkling water rolling, such as walnut size, that is, jiangnan called Tangyuan also.Too long to see version: Yuanxiao is “roll” out, and tangyuan is “package” out.That is, “yuanxiao stuffing rolled skin, dumplings wrapped in skin”.Shake yuanxiao (on) package dumplings (bottom) source 丨 video capture if share more fine some, can also to differentiate between the two kinds of food from the following several aspects: first, yuanxiao is more sweet latter, material, and the filling material has meat producers, in addition to traditional black sesame, sugar, also includes the salted egg yellow, fresh meat, fresh flowers, chicken, ham, etc.Yuanxiao is the stuffing dipped in water on the glutinous rice flour rolling, so that the stuffing is dipped in glutinous rice flour becomes bigger and bigger, and tangyuan is the glutinous rice flour kneaded into the skin, and then wrapped with stuffing made;Yuanxiao stuffing is harder, tangyuan stuffing is soft;Yuanxiao has a thinner skin, while tangyuan has a thicker skin.There are many ways to eat yuanxiao, including boiling, frying, steaming, baking, etc., while tangyuan is generally boiled, and there are small tangyuan without fillings in the dessert;The north generally eat yuanxiao, the south eat tangyuan more……However, there is one thing they have in common: both yuanxiao and Tangyuan are made of glutinous rice flour, which gives them a soft and waxy taste.Why can’t we eat more delicious food?Yuanxiao or tangyuan, although delicious, but it is not to eat more.The glutinous rice that makes yuanxiao and tangyuan is actually a sticky variety of rice. What makes glutinous rice different from other rice is that it contains a large amount of amylopectin, which can reach 95% or even 100%. Therefore, it has quite sticky after cooking.However, it is also because of the large amount of amylopectin that glutinous rice products have the characteristics of fast but incomplete digestion.If you eat too much at a time, it is easy to cause indigestion, resulting in excessive stomach acid, food accumulation, abdominal distension and other conditions.Besides being indigestible, yuanxiao and tangyuan have a serious problem: they are super high in energy.The skin of yuanxiao made of glutinous rice itself is carbohydrate, and amylopectin than amylose water solubility is poor, the same weight of glutinous rice products after cooking, the volume is smaller than ordinary rice, which is commonly known as “no number”.In this way, when eating, it is easy to accidentally eat more.Yuanxiao (left) tangyuan (right), cooked yuanxiao in the bowl. After all, they are fragrant, sweet, soft and delicious. At first, they don’t feel like eating too much, so who wouldn’t like to eat more?In addition to the crust made of glutinous rice, a lot of fat and sugar are often added to the stuffing of tangyuan and yuanxiao in order to taste delicious.For example, fat such as lard, butter or vegetable oil is added when mixing the stuffing, and nuts such as peanuts, sesame and walnuts are also rich in fat.As for sugar, not to mention.Fat and sugar filling coated with a carbohydrate crust is an energy bomb.Seeing this, do you still plan to eat a big bowl full of yuanxiao/tangyuan?Yuanxiao and tangyuan, how to eat healthy?High in oil, high in sugar and high in carbon, is it goodbye to the delicious yuanxiao/tangyuan?Lonely gourmands don’t be nervous, as long as you pay attention to the following points, whether it is yuanxiao or tangyuan are still edible.No matter how high the calories are, as long as we eat less, our total intake will not exceed the limit.It is ok for normal adults to eat 2 or 3 tangyuan and yuanxiao at a time.If eaten in the middle of a meal, you can cut back on other staples accordingly.Had better avoid to regard yuanxiao as dessert after meal additionally, lest quantity of heat exceeds bid.Eat boiled, less deep-fried yuanxiao crispy skin inside soft waxy, is the favorite of many small friends.But if it is the need to control the weight of the population, should try to avoid eating fried yuanxiao, in order to reduce energy intake and avoid bringing more burden to the stomach.With crude fiber food Yuanxiao and tangyuan contain relatively simple nutrients, and the glycemic index is high, when eating can be appropriate with crude fiber food to promote digestion.Some yuanxiao and tangyuan are labeled as sugar-free or sugar-free and can be eaten by diabetics.However, as we have mentioned above, this kind of food is high in carbohydrate and fat. Glutinous rice food itself has a high blood sugar response. Even if it does not contain sugar, it does not mean it is low in calories.Therefore, diabetes patients and people with high blood lipid are advised to eat less or not to eat, even if the labeled sugar-free products still need to be cautious.Eat slowly, do not swallow yuanxiao and tangyuan heat is relatively slow, large swallowing is likely to cause burns.So it’s best to eat slowly, or break it into small pieces with a spoon.At the same time, the elderly and children should pay attention to eat slowly, to avoid choking risk.The Lantern Festival is coming. Are you going to eat yuanxiao or tangyuan today?Both yuanxiao and Tangyuan symbolize family reunion and happiness.Delicious rare, everyone in the enjoyment of food, but also pay attention to health oh!