Wang Xi inspected the epidemic prevention and control work

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On February 17 and 18, Wang Xi, Secretary of the CPC Qinhuangdao Municipal Committee, visited the COVID-19 prevention and control Headquarters of Qinhuangdao, the Eastern District of Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone and Shanhaiguan District.To investigate and inspect the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures at centralized quarantine points and the work of traffic checkpoints in The city.He stressed the need to fully implement general Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and instructions on epidemic prevention and control, make persistent efforts and stay the course. He stressed that all prevention and control work should be carried out in a solid and thorough manner, and firmly build a tight defense line against the epidemic.On the afternoon of 17 city COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work headquarters, wang xi by isolated point video monitoring warning system sampling points in the city to control working condition, detailed understanding of all kinds of risks isolation of transhipment, nucleic acid detection, health status, psychological counseling, medical services, such as control details, request further optimized video monitoring early warning system,To provide an important guarantee for improving the level of targeted prevention and control.Wang xi stressed that centralized isolation observation points are a key link to defend the defense line of the epidemic.We must strictly implement the requirements of “three zones and two passageways,” single person and single room, and closed management. We must do a good job in the treatment of household garbage, sewage and environmental eradication, and ensure that every link is absolutely safe.Psychological counseling and service guarantee for quarantined personnel should be carried out to ensure that they can safely spend the quarantine observation period.Medical care for key groups should be strengthened, workflow and safeguard measures should be further refined, and the bottom line of hospital infection prevention and control should be strictly adhered to.Later, Wang xi checked the nucleic acid testing status of key populations in the city through the municipal COVID-19 monitoring and Management Information Platform, requiring testing institutions to strictly standardize operations and upload nucleic acid test results in a timely manner, so that people can quickly check the results through “health code” and other channels.18 days afternoon, wang xi has come to the pearl river tao and LiaoNing Road intersection, YanTun village, sidewall village, river village north kiln epidemic prevention and control along the border with the huludao city transportation card points, to fight in a line of policemen, paramedics and grassroots cadres, volunteers and other workers condolences and thank you, send you to them cotton tents, quilts, electric blanket, the article such as instant noodles, mineral water,The workers on the front line of epidemic prevention and control feel the care and warmth of the Party Committee and the government.”Practice has proved that traffic jam control is crucial to epidemic prevention and control,” Wang said. “Thanks to all of you for working tirelessly, braving wind and snow, working day and night, and sticking to the first step of epidemic prevention and control, you have made a major contribution to the city’s epidemic prevention and control work.”I hope you will continue to uphold the spirit of commitment, responsibility and dedication, make persistent efforts to strictly prevent and control the epidemic, and resolutely win the overall victory of epidemic prevention and control.In the investigation and inspection, Wang Xi stressed that the current epidemic prevention and control of the city is still in the most critical stage, there must not be the slightest paralysis, slack off, slack efforts.Officials at all levels, especially those in charge, must stay at their posts and take command from the front, and ensure that every pass and every line of defense is firmly secured to ensure that epidemic prevention and control work is strong, orderly and effective.We should further strengthen the publicity campaign, and actively guide the general public to continue to understand and support the prevention and control measures taken by the Party Committees and governments. We should work harder and persevere, and work together to forge a strong and united force to fight the epidemic.City leaders Chen Yuguo, Liu Xuebin, Zhang Zhenfeng, city prevention and control office, shanhaiguan district responsible comrades to participate in the investigation and inspection.(Reporter Chu Xuemin) Source: Qinhuangdao Daily Follow Hebei News on wechat for the latest news in Hebei.