These three kinds of subordinate ambition is extremely, the leader must guard against, otherwise finally how do not know of death

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Guide language: if you want to say what kind of subordinates the leaders in the workplace like, it is estimated that there will be these two things in common: ability, no ambition.But often the unambitious are not capable, capable and ambitious, difficult to control.Therefore, leaders have a headache in their subordinates who have the ability and ambition, have to use, but also have to guard, the resulting mastery can be said to be multifarious.In the workplace, if you are a leader or want to be a leader, these three types of subordinates are extremely ambitious, you should both use and guard against, otherwise you will end up dead.I used to have a colleague, Old C, who was not on good terms with me. There was no conflict of interest, but I still didn’t like his way of doing things.But hate ghost hate, but he has some workplace means, or very worthy of my learning.In particular, it is to draw people, the means of overhead superior.At that time, Lao C was the deputy. Later, his leader resigned, and it was expected that he would be transferred to a full-time position, but the company directly parachuted a department head, Lao L.Old L is still in the process of understanding things in the department, so many things are arranged by old C.Old C has done so many years in the department, so he is naturally proficient in business.So the old L arranged things, do well.Later, the old L wanted to reward the old C, and the old C passed them on to other subordinates, thus attracting a group of people around him.Other colleagues are very optimistic about old C, and gradually some things in the department have to see the face of old C to do.To succeed in the workplace, in addition to the ability to be in place, but also inseparable from the support of superiors and subordinates.Support from above can give you power, but support from below can give you more to do.In order to get things done, whether it’s doing the work or replacing your leader, you need someone behind you.Since ancient times, the usurpation of power started from the people.There was once a business coordination meeting between departments.Both OLD C and I participated in the project. At that time, old L mentioned that a project was very successful.Mr. C immediately took over the conversation and said, “This project is done by Xiao N. He put a lot of time and energy into it. I often see him working overtime.And he paid a lot of his own money for the project.I suggest that little N be rewarded.”Finally, Old L agreed to reward little N.Small N is not at the meeting, but I know that someone will say with small N after the meeting.Sure enough, someone else told little N about it, and it turned out that little N was very grateful to Old C, and took his orders from then on.If you tell someone about it yourself, they may not thank you, but if you tell them through others, they will appreciate you.Old C took advantage of that.And if there is no old C speaking up for him in the meeting, although there may be a reward in the end, it is definitely a brush off.Old C simple words, not only highlight and magnify the credit of small N, but also let small N grateful for their own.Small investments pay big dividends.In the workplace, some casual, with things, often can play a great role.For example, taking the initiative to offer credit to other colleagues in public.As the current person, oneself affirmation cannot say this word, you said for him, others will be grateful to you.And for themselves, a simple word, into or not their own meaning has been expressed.But also threw to the leadership of a difficult problem, to allow?If you agree, the other party will not be grateful to the leader, if you do not agree, the other party will have opinions.The biggest winners are those who take credit for the reward, whether it’s good or not.At that time, Old L was still in charge of the department. As time goes by, it can be seen that old C is eyeing his position covetously.So he started to watch out for old C.However, the old C has prepared early, early secretly and the company a deputy general relationship is very good.Put in a good word for Old C at the company’s high-level meeting.It can be said that the vice president is the backer of old C, as long as he is in, old L can not move old C.Not long after, old L was transferred, old C took over the position of the head of the department, among which the vice president played a decisive role.I once knew a colleague who was promoted not through his boss, but to someone he was working for.Later, his leaders said little about what had happened, but quietly suppressed him in many ways to stop him there.Visible subordinates hooking up with the leadership of the superior, is to violate the heart of the leadership taboo.In the workplace, the relationship between superiors and subordinates is naturally contradictory. If subordinates have ambition to move up, their leaders will either send them up or pull them down.But no matter what step you take, you must think of a problem: whether you can succeed as you wish?So, going over the top and hooking up with someone higher up is for insurance.There is an old saying that someone in the court is good to be an official, in fact, in the workplace is good to be promoted.