The entertainment industry can afford the most “transparent” two words of Wang Yuan, to their own cognition clearly understand the measure of knowing advance and retreat

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What is transparency?Clear and clear is “through”, clear and transparent is “through”.In my opinion, the entire entertainment circle is the most bear “transparent” two words is Wang Yuan.He has a clear understanding of himself and sees through the world.As a star, it has become the norm to be constantly stared at by the outside world.Many people regard it as a constraint, feel dissatisfied, hate it like a disease, avoid it like a tiger.But in Wang yuan’s view, the outside world’s attention is not a shackle, but a supervision to urge him to become a better person.In life, Wang says he has embraced life very much now, but before that, he would ask himself 10 times more deeply if it had any impact on him. If not, he would do it without hesitation, and if so, he would restrain his impulses.The host of the face-to-face interview once asked Wang: Can you say that you are dancing with shackles?But in Wang’s eyes, this is not a shackle, but a ray of light to motivate him.”I may have been shackled before, but the shackles have been taken off my feet,” he said. “There are shackles in my heart that cannot be touched.”Wang yuan knows very well what he wants to do, what he doesn’t want to do, what he can do and what he can’t do.He will do whatever he wants to do without affecting anyone.And when facing the public, he will adhere to the strictest idol system.Someone asked Wang Yuan: in front of huge resources and their preferences, how to make a choice?Wang Yuan: Fit, then like.In Wang yuan’s opinion, even if the director, actors and script of a play are very good, if he can’t handle the play and the role, then he may choose to give up.On the contrary, if there is a song or a play that suits him well and he can interpret it really, really well, then he may choose to stick with it.In Wang yuan’s world, it’s all about fit and liking.After all, only what suits you is the best, and only what you like is the most worthy of happiness.When asked what would happen if she lost her popularity one day, Wang said she would accept it calmly, because everyone is naked to come and naked to go.He’s very relaxed about everything.Flowers bloom from sometimes, yunshuiyunshu own shadow.If you can get away from the complexity, your heart is at ease, clinging to your love, being grateful to be loved, and living your beloved, you can be called “transparent”.Author: Lin Yuan Photo: Web editor: Nuanan