How widespread is prostitution, gambling and drugs in Cambodia?A human slaughterhouse, a drug dealer’s paradise

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“There is no quiet time, but someone is carrying something for you.”This is a hot comment on the Internet. What he said is that when our life is quiet, ordinary and heroic people are desperate to block out the darkness behind them, so that we can live in a bright place.We often say that we live in a peaceful and stable era. It is true that the PLA has paid too much for our happy life.But in places we don’t know, there are countries and regions that are suffering more than we can imagine.The Syrian refugee crisis, the perennial military threat in the Middle East, and the perennial drug trade in the Golden Triangle, right near our country.As for the drug trade, a few years ago, Operation Mekong showed us the tip of the iceberg of the drug trade, but the real drug trade is so chaotic, we can’t imagine.Bordering Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia is an amazing place. As an ancient civilization with a long history, Angkor Dynasty was the glory period of Cambodia in the 9th to 14th century. It was colonized by France in the 19th century, occupied by Japan in the 1940s, and gradually liberated in the 1970s.However, the long-term chaos of public security has led to extremely serious conflicts and crises in Cambodian society.Gangs are in cahoots with the government, prostitution is rife, and drug trafficking continues.Who could have imagined that in the 21st century, when everyone felt peaceful and safe, there would be such a dark place of rampant gambling and drug abuse?Why is it that Cambodia, located on Indochina Peninsula with open sea, bordering Vietnam and Thailand and convenient people-to-people exchange, still breeds so many evils?In the 21st century, Cambodia began to develop its tourism industry, and life began to get back on track. However, behind the development of tourism is actually a cover for all kinds of shady trade. Criminals value the ease of travel in this area, and it has become a haven for all kinds of crimes and drugs.As early as the beginning of the 21st century, the Cambodian government identified AIDS as the primary threat to the country’s development.How did AIDS come about?There are two main channels: prostitution and chronic drug use, which leads to low resistance, while injecting drugs is extremely susceptible to disease.Prostitution is forbidden by law in Cambodia, but if there is a profit to be made, someone will do it, even if it is illegal.As Marx mentioned in Das Kapital, “If there is a 10% profit, capital is guaranteed to be used everywhere;With a 20% profit, capital becomes active;With a 50% profit, the capital would be desperate;For 100% profit, capital dares to trample all human laws;With a profit of 300% or more, capital will dare to commit any crime, even to risk its head.”Therefore, some lawbreakers will force women to sell sex, and even sex tourism in Cambodia is the feature of their tourism. In order to control these women and not let them out of their control, those lawbreakers will use drugs to make them addicted, and finally achieve the purpose of control.These dark deals are finally revealed to her by a girl who was once controlled.When such dark deals are revealed, people suddenly realize that in such an era, there are still people living a life that is worse than death.Even the U.S. State Department reported that “trafficking in women, especially virgins, remains a serious problem in Cambodia.”And this is just the tip of the iceberg, and it’s happening in a way that the government has no power to control, and it’s happening everywhere in Cambodia, and it’s not just women.Cambodia used to have more casinos than any other country in the world, but they are a Buddhist country, and gambling is the opposite of the buddhist message of asceticism, so the Prime minister has forced many of the casinos to close.But how could the casino owners let this go? They opened the closed casino right up to the Cambodia-Thailand border and they banned Cambodian citizens from entering, and the authorities turned a blind eye to their rules.Thailand, is also a popular country of gambling and drugs, gamblers in Thailand learned that Cambodia’s casino opened to the border of Thailand, flocked to the inside, they indulge in gambling pleasure, crazy crazy crazy.Because the casinos were on the border between the two countries, difficult for Cambodia to manage and ignored by the Thai military, the casinos got bigger and bigger, followed by all kinds of shady deals, and evil grew.It’s easy to guess what kind of crime there is in a casino: sex, drugs, even shootings.Gambler inside doing overnight rich dream, but the real life is only curled up in a small house inside, praying for the early today.It is impossible to imagine what the mad gambler can do…Paradise for Drug Dealers We clearly know that drugs are extremely harmful and addictive, but why is drug trading still not stopped repeatedly? The main reason lies in the huge profit of drug trading.Statistics show that the number of drug users around the world is still increasing year by year, but in recent years, China’s vigorous crackdown on the drug trade has led to a steady decline in drug use.Cambodia is in a unique position. We all know that the drug trade in the Golden Triangle is rampant, and Cambodia is the raw material production and transit point for those drugs.Cambodia’s economy is too backward, in order to survive, many farmers choose to poppy cultivation, and the government are not opposed to, even if such drug be caught, because there is no death penalty, Cambodia and only just in prison, under such a system, more and more people to the way of drug trafficking.The demand for drugs is huge, and a mature industrial chain has gradually formed in Cambodia. In fact, no matter the drug trade, pornography trade, human trafficking and gambling, they have never suddenly formed a scale in Cambodia. They are all influenced by each other, leading Cambodia to fall into a black whirlpool.Conclusion: How to stop the spread of these black transactions is not only a problem for the Cambodian government to consider, but also for the government of every country. No one can always live in a constant environment, and a truly peaceful and stable living environment should be created by ourselves.